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Love you Sikh Gals - ur the best


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I had this in my mind for so long and wanted it to say it aloud but never got the oppotunity. also I have been critical of our gals at sometime in my life....so repenting as well.

I just wanted to say that Sikh Gals are the best. I simply Love em . :-) :P:D They are beautiful in mind and are are very sohni as well :-)

[[ big blush ]]

Please people dont mind this childish post :-)

Babbar Sher

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You're so right Bhaji

Singhnis are the ones that are gonna keep Sikhi alive into the next generation

East or West, Singhnis are the BEST !

I reckon that in a no holds bar fight between a Singhni and Lalleshvari, I would bet on the Singhni :P

Note to Mods: Please note that I do not endorse violence. Just voicing an opinion :twisted:

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"awwww u guyz are sooo cuteeee.heheheh"

lol they aren't talking about you, they are talking about sikh gals:p

samaj leh baki hun apey;)

We are talkin about her as well because she is on sikhi path init :wink:

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lalleshvari - sum kashmir thing or summat...lallesh has explained it one of his posts

lol i am not rude, i jus point out truth


We are talkin about her as well because she is on sikhi path init"

of course, and always ..;) *wink wink*

Rupy u shudnt b talkin..

beta behave cuz u do live 30 minutes away from me.. ha

Baki appe Samaj lai..

"wot u plannin to drive , sum turbo hydro car ?? ..it takes me 30 mints to get a mile away from my house...so chupp kar ja..either way bring it on;)"

If rupy and lalli were in fight

i'd bet on rupy

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Ahem Ahem..............stick to topic ;-) :-) theek ee aya ..

Moderators kitthe bhaj gaye ..mainu tuhaada kamm karna penda hai :-) lol

I dont know what the fight is all about, but if anyone can explain that wud be gr8 :-) .

Jo we kaho menu taan sarian sardarnian badian cute lagdiyan aa...as compared to gals of other religions (nothing subjective ok ....sorry babes (of oder religions.........) :-) ....cause they lack one important ingredient ......faith in sikhi ..

Ok OK .....i dont wanna sound like a 'blowing my own horn' ..so will stop my 'tareef' thing and let da oder guys pay there respects and let their feelings known.

Now gussa thukko ...and gale milo ..cause u both are just half an hours drive ...away .. :-) ...lol ...

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:D typical desi kuriyans (Rupy, Lalli ) , u say something nice bout them, te oh sir te char jandiya. See how they fighting, if this topic was about us guys, we would never fight.

isnt that right MR Singh,

Are u talking to me, Are u talking to me Mr singh, :twisted: Well i am the only one posting here ,PUNK :roll:

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I said 'Sikh Gals' and 'Sardarnis' and that means all of em ...and not someone from a particular region like Punjab. (I am not particularly fond of all punjabans..if they are not sikh)

Post which 'Punjabi Guys' kitthon aa gaye........u should have said 'sikh guys' ....................... !!!!!????

And anyway this post is meant for the sikh gals who are more or less criticised. by people like me.....so way of telling em that we are not all criticism and they have all of our respect ..and love.....OK :-)

So dont bring this 'cultural' 'punjabi' thing into the picture ... Now someone would jump up and say Jatt guys .... are smart ....!!!!

So thats a NO NO...at least for this post

You want to post such a thing, start your own thread and let the people react.

P.S. for ur info ...(although it matters the least to me...as it should to any sikh )..I am jatt and belong to punjab.............

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