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Ello ppl ..ok I didnt know where to post this.. but in Sikhi are there restrictions on food as there are in Islam (halal or not) or Jewism (kosher and nonkosher) ?

And if so.. what are the guidelines for that? And I mean besides the egg/meat issue.. I'm already a vegetarian.

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this is a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry controversial topic.......................................

if u ask me a plant has life, an animal has life, a fruit has a potential of becoming life, and egg also has the potential... so why not stop eating life and start eating chemicals as well... but oh wait we are all made of chemicals.... so is there really a difference? water after all is two hydrogens and oxygen (with 104.5 degree angle!) and life is mainly carbon and hydrogen... so does it really matter? or is it ethics? ok ill stop asking questions because im not really helping answering this question.. but i like this question.... TALK PEOPLE I WANT TO HEAR UR ANSWERS,,, or shall i say opinion? or shall i say voice....


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If you are already vegeterian then stay vegeterian. Vegeterianism helps with spirtuality not that non-vegeterianism doesnt but sikhi didnt have many mahapursh who were non-vegs.

Thats my opnion anyway :)

If you are meat eater in sikhi. Animal has to be jhatka(kill in one blow) before eating.

Note: Hallal Meat is Haram for us

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Yeh I cant stand meat anymore...been a vegetarian for 6-7 yrs now.

What about products that use animal fats? Like how Muslims wont eat any food or products produced using pig.

Is eating products that contain fat from beef or pork or any other animal, alrite?

I didnt realise how many products have ingredients from animal skin.. kinda makes me sick :? and even human hair can be used to create an enzyme used in dough ..das gross

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