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300 yrs, and still not known?

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It seems these type of instances sadly only make people aware of Sikhs.


This occured last yr also, when a gas station employee in NJ stated that he was robbed and the attackers cut his hair...its like come on, who walks around with scissors ready to cut someones hair during a robbery attempt?

If you want to cut your hair thats fine, but please don't make up stories. After this incident, the Sikh sangat in northern New Jersey (specifically Glen Rock), are trying to build communication with there children.

However, I still find it funny how Sikhs are still not well known and we are one of the world's largest religion, AHEAD OF JEWS. Yet, Jews are still known globally, maybe after Nazi Germany. But how many are well aware of the 1984 attack none? Whose to blame? OUR LEADERSHIP? Yes, the Jews have their own country, and Jews everywhere are united. I believe we need to do something about our leadership in India? What do they do? Nothing at all, just take in money and become puppets for the Indian Government. It's about time that western Sikhs start taking action and flourish the panth. We have the ability to unite, but yet we just fight and build new gurudwaras. Its sad how the United States Gurudwaras can't even have a national meeting or conference. I dont know if Canada, or England does or any other countries. But I believe, at least once a year, Sikhs leader should hold some global meeting to discuss matters of Sikhi.

Chardi Kala,

Gurjote Singh

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i think we shud stop looking at other ppl and other countries, and start realising that we are destroyin ourselves. arguing about pointless topics, and finding ways to blame everyone but ourselves. a shabad comes to mind

maas maas kar moorakh jhagarrae giaan dhhiaan nehee jaanai ||

The fools argue about flesh and meat, but they know nothing about meditation and spiritual wisdom

koun maas koun saag kehaavai kis mehi paap samaanae ||

What is called meat, and what is called green vegetables? What leads to sin?


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