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NHL playoffs!

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GO SENS GO .. thats all i gotta say!!!! (and LEAFS SUCK!!!!) ok anyone else watching the playoffs?!

OMG :shock: did you happen to watch the last game of the season?? Leafs 6 Sens 0!! that was brutal! nevermind that, did you watch last night's game? Belfour was busting his skills out there, and again the score was Leafs 2, Sens 0 :twisted: and that was Sens home game! lol Its Go Leafs Go! Anyway my prediction is that Leafs won't make it past Round 2, lol, but we shall see. :wink: 8)

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ok its our SENS luck man, we always are always near the top during the year, and when it comes to playoffs we totally suck! last couple of years have been amazing for SENS! ok yeah the game was weak yesterday... but we'll see what happens tommorow! therez too much fighting between canadian teams if u ask me! lol no offense to the american ones! we shud all be happy! mind u i still say SENS are the best... and LEAFS suck!!! lol ok i better not get too into this! lol playoff season is alwayz crazy!

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