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people and gurudwara


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something has been bugging me..... and i don't want to sound... i dunno whats the word, but u know! lol k well u notice during Vaisakhi that almost everyone goes to gurudwara! which is AMAZING, wonderful, great stuff b/c i mean for most people they go to gurudwara like once or twice a year... right? Thats what bugs me! im guessing most people on this forum go to gurudwara frequently, or whenever possible. But does it not bug you at the slightest bit, that some just come for the holiday.. i mean, if u ask me, whats wrong with every other day and every other gur purb besides guru nanaks! (take for example guru arjan dev jis b=day this sunday.. notice the amount of peepz compared to wednesday when you go to gurudwara)

i don't want to sound like i hate that they all come on holidays and stuff, b/c the community getting together is an amazing thing, and trust me i think all gurudwaras take advantage of that day! but it makes me think, why don't those people come like once a month at least, or just pop by every so often... am i the only one bugged by this? People go to gurudwraa and get excited when its vaisakhi... (but why just vaisakhi.. i mean YES its an amazing day...but why not be so excited to go to gurudwara every other day, odd days, even, even leap days..) i think its mainly a social factor... one gets to see people and socialize in the langar hall... like me on wed which i get complaints from people getting pissed at me b/c i didn't talk to them at gurudwara, and im thinking, since when is gurdwara a party?

i dunno --i think in confused but it pisses me off how people don't care and pay attention anymore! our gurudwara even has a projector (thanks to sikhitothemax program) which translations are made with the punjabi english writing/ punjabi writing as well! so there really isn't an excuse of not understanding what they are sayin! i know this may seem like a rant,,, but i don't get why people need to go on 'special' days ... my friend thats christian also told me same thing happens to her, during christmas you get a bunch of people who u never see go to her church, its something im sure all religions face... its wierd tho henna??!

keep on smiling :)


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Since when is gurdwara a party???

since people realized that gurdwaras have become the ideal place for a social gathering.. after all, at gurdwara, they get to look spiritual, AND they get to look socially active! (but only on Baisakhi and other big days, cuz too much gurdwara = too much spiritual, and NO ONE wants that :roll: )

It's been bothering me too.. not that i go to gurdwara often, with my common excuse of it being too far from my house, or substituting it with the fact that i do sangat every week already.... sad excuses, i know..

But the truth is, Gurdwara became a social party when people decided that being Sikh 8 days outta the year is all that is needed...

the best is asking these people if they go to gurdwara.... their response is almost always a hesitant yes.... after all, the person asking them may be considered spiritual, and to say no would result in a negative image....

i think i'm going all over the place here, with like.. psychoanalysis and stuff... point is, it bothers me too. I didn't even go to Gurdwara for Baisakhi this year, and i usually do not go, but when i do go on a regular sunday, it boggles my mind to see that no one wants to come on a regular day, but everyone will come on a big day...

it's sad... let's blame it on kaljug, shall we....:S

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Only by Gurkirpa can you goto the Gurudwara, going to the Gurudwara is not dependent on your will. Blessed are those who get a chance to goto the Gurudwara

I remember I once walked to the Gurudwara from my school during the afternoon, to thank waheguru for passing me in all subjects. When I finally reached the inner Gurudwara hall, there was so much peace all around and it was amazing feeling with noone in there. I felt more peaceful then on a regular visit to the Gurudwara

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