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will we remember?

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like we cannot remember when we were babies and when we were inside the tummy.. when we die will we remember when we were alive?

also which form does the soul have.. if the person has long hair will the soul have long hair? what im trying 2 say is what does the soul look like?



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I don't actually think that there is an answer to your question. In my opinion, if we could remember, we would be aware of if this life is our first life or not. I've heard that when you die, you have to go through a lot of stages to return to being Human unless your deeds were good. Then again, I doubt that follows sikhi, it's just something I have heard. It's really hard to actuallu say whether you can remember your past or not..

Hope this helped.


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I believe that Guru Sahib has the infinite wisdom

Please look in Gurbani and you will find shabads about what happens while we are in mothers' womb

There are many young children and even adults who remember flashbacks from their previous life.

I think since the soul is continuous - the soul remembers everything but our mind is clouded with maya and doubt, and while the soul is using this body, we may lose that memory although our soul has this memory.

I think our soul looks however our karma is.

those who did lots of naam simran are "mukh oujalay"

while the faithless people have scary images.

just some thoughts,

bhul chuk maaf karnaa jeeo


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