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Is Khalsa equal to Guru?


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We've heard from storys that when Guru Gobind Ji gave amrit to the Panj Peeyary and then Guru Ji asked for Amrit from Panj Peeyary, then Guru said these are my equals. Did Guru mean the Khalsa as a whole? Guru Gobind also said that:

The Khalsa is my other self,

In the Khalsa I live and move and have my being.

The Khalsa is my beloved friend.

It is my support, honor, and constant comfort . . .

I am a creation of the Khalsa. . . .

The Khalsa is my Perfect True Teacher

I think this is writtern in Sarbloh Granth? I dunno though.

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depends how you define guru and khalsa.

if your pure then ur khalsa then you can be guru because guru is pure too

Guru is pure, that is one quality of guru doesnt conclude being pure you're guru.

for example, when doing proofs whether two things are equal you have to check, evaulate both sides of equation to prove that.


this doesnt tell you anything but once you start defining the two, qualities they must possess.

One quality both must possess is being pure. I leave the other conditions to you to explore...

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