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Firstly, sorry if this topic has been started before.

I was just basically wondering, if you are religious and grow your hair etc, should you wear a dastaar?

Is wearing one something you ought to do for showing respect? Someone told me that Kesh should be kept clean and wearing a dastaar does that, however, leaving it out keeps it dirty thats why most Singhs/Singhnis wear a dastaar. Anyone wanna do the honours of adding onto that?

(Random Question)


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It is 'wrong' to go out with ur head uncovered, our tenth master has told us this. The only time ur hair should be uncovered is when uve had a bath..and then u should leave it uncovered so as to let it dry naturally.

Make sure u comb ur hair twice daily!

Waheguru ki fateh

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well the way i see it is bro fauj is sayin that Guru Ji said that we gotta do things a certain way,ie keep kes tied up unless washing whihc is practica, no one wants a dastar full of wet hair do they now!

Personaly i think he right, bcuz it was Guru Nanak who critersized Hindu pandits, who did not keep there clean, they kept there hair jus not clean thats the difference,

Yo fauj u bk in derby yet man


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