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Sant ji coming to Leicester


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Due to the birth of my first baby girl yesterday i went to the Gurdwara and listened to the hukumnana and the letter that was given for her name was "M". I phoned up Baba Sukhchen Singh Ji Dharampur Walae in India and asked them to name her as they were the ones who told me and my wife what to do as in food and various paaths whilst the child was in the womb.

I phoned them last night and they said they cannot name a child without seeing their avastha and karam from previous births. Due to this they said they would come to Leicester and see my child then contemplate on the name and name then according to what they will be like in theis janam.

To cut it short Baba Ji are coming to Leicester and have left india today. They will be in Leicester on the 13th of May. If anyone wants to see them please let me know.

They will be doing katha in britain for a month or so i will record these and put them on the hub for all.

If anyone does not know then they really are a gentle Giant about 6'7" tall proportionate build. They are descended to Baba Harnam SIngh Ji Bedi who used to be the taksal jathedar ages ago and are descended from Guru Nanak Dev Ji. They are now at Dharampur close to Damdama Sahib which is where they recieved their learning and are a part of Damdami Taksal.

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