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Union of souls


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I came across an interesting book my friend has in his room (hes muslim) but im not sure of the name,etc so please accept this apology beforehand (because i guess the author,etc would have helped.)

But in the book it implied (by speaking of brahmgyanis,etc in a bad tone) that union of the soul is not possible and it is simply not true. That it is only the madness of the person which leads them to think they are perfect/in union with god/reflecting his light,etc.

Is this in line with islamic beleif? Do muslims then not have the teachings/mentality to have this union?? In which case christians and jews too?

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Nah muslims dnt believe when one gets married that its a union of soles,

most marriages only take place ina mosque b'cuz thats the only place big enough to host summit like that. i was also shocked wen told this by my RS teacher,both members of the marriage ie male n female have to accept the marraige, only the wife is allowed to have a devorce.

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