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Have you ever ran for your school's students' council?  

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Sikhs are supposed to be leaders, right?

Well, I'm running for president of my school's student council (and I'm the only Indian at my school :roll: ). But, I was just wondering if any of you have ever run for a leadership role such as this and can give me some tips about campaigning, etc., and especially on what to say in my speech to make it real good. I want to win because I love my school and it will look good on Sikhs in my community too, I bet. Thanks in advance!


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election = popularity contest.. i ran twice.. once for grade 10 rep, and once for prez

won gr 10.. lost prez... i had enough popularity to win the gr 10 position, and not enough to win the prez position.. that's really the jist of it... be funny... if you are talking about high school, kids very rarely care about the political aspect:S

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LOL Totally agree with JSB here (for the first time in ages) - in high school ...elections are driven by popularity and stuff..(thats why I was the Student Body President my senior year) 8) 8) 8) - ..anyhow..Campaigning and a good speech will help to a certain extent, majority will be ruled by popularity (as sad as it sounds)...

A good, funny,short, and sweet to the point typa speech will help tremendously..the book truth gave the link to sounds interesting..

Meanwhile, good luck and best wishes always.

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hey! well a FUNNY crazy speech always win in my schoool.... it has to be interesting, informative and creative.. i remeber someone did a spoof off "im joe and im canadian commercial" they said "IM ____ and I WANT TO BE UR GRADE __ REP!" lol it was amazing! and sumone did this crazy thing about some insane story but it worked! lol its mainly popularity (sad to say as well) but if u have the heart and the courage many people see the leaders, and they will choose u!!! just go with passion and ull beat em all!

go kuri! lol

keep on smiling ! :)

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