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You are in debt


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Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa

Vahiguru ji ki Fateh

Total as of today 7393. Please continue to support this.



Sunday June 6th 2004, Hyde Park, London

Come here to remember the shaheeds 20 years on since 1984. langar will be served

at 11am in Hyde park, following speeches in English and Punjabi about our rich

history and about our shaheeds whom we must never forget. Following this will be

a march lead through the streets of London lead by the Panj Pyare. Please bring

ramaals / chunnis as you will need them for the beginning and the ending of the


For more information contact your local Gurdwara (who may be providing coaches)

or Federation of Sikh Organisations.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

For those of you living in the UK, please make enquiries as to whether your gurudwara has arranged coach travel. If not, it is of vital importance that you make representations to them, possibly with the support of older members of the sangat to ask them why they have not?

We are often left frustrated, knowing what is 'right' and what clearly is not but impotent to do anything constructive to change our situation we decide to 'bury our heads in the sand', distract ourselves or convince ourselves it is not my problem, 'what can I do anyway'?

This is your opportunity to do something, it may not seem earth shattering but even the longest journey begins with a single footstep. If through your persistence and determination you manage to bring even one more person to this gathering than would have ordinarily attended, then you have done something worthwhile. We are fortunate to live in a country that protects our right to protest, there are many other's who live in supposed democracies, like india, who cannot.

Twenty years in terms of human history is a drop in the ocean, the Sikh situation within the nation state of india is very much a process still in flux, there are those that want us to conveniently consign events to the past, to forget, to 'move on'.

How can we when justice is still denied? Whilst the crime is still in progress? While the victim count is ever rising?

To forget, ignore, turn away, is to ensure that history will certainly repeat itself, understand the massacres of Gujrat 2002 were carried out in the safe knowledge that the government of the day in Nov 84 had allowed all concerned a free licence to kill, rape, mutilate and loot.

Why should they then fear justice now when nothing has changed?

Make the effort on June 6th, you and I owe a great number of people an enormous debt, this is the least we can do.

Gur Fateh

Sukhbir Singh

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