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Sikh Vision of the Cosmic Order


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Sikh Vision of the Cosmic Order

Narinder Singh

Ottawa, Canada


The paper endeavors to bring out the spirtual dimenstions by sifting through the theological concepts enunicated by the Gurus as enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib. The concepts reveal about the nature of God (the ultimate metaphsyical reality), the creation and functioning of the universe according to divine will. Sikh vision of the cosmic order is arranged into three parts of conveince of presentation. Theses are : Nature of Ultimate Relaity, and Creation of Universe, Human Destinty and Realization of Akaal Purkh, concept of Naam, and Sikh cosmology. God is both transcedent as well as immanent. Transcendent God is without attributes and immanent aspect of God is with attributes. Sikh cosmology deals with the fundamental reality. According to Guru self-existing god manifested himself into Naam and second came the creation of the universe.

Human destiny traces- nature of creation, opportunity of human birth, exhortation to virtuous conduct, Individual and the divine will, human body and the soul, and life after death are some of the aspects reflected in this section. The Gurus have shed distinctive light on the nature of creation and purpose of human life. Since sikh tradition is anti-withdrawal from life, Gurus in harmony with the ethics of Naam went for full active participation for life.

Realization of Akaal Purakh embraces such areas Haumain(Ego), Gurmukh the Ideal, Reason and Intuition, Naam Marga, Grace, Gurus' view of realization in Hinduism, and realization in Sikhism. Haumain with its few vices lust, anger, greed, attachment, and pride stand in the way to reach Naam. It is the spirtual life of man that alone can attack the problem of Haumain. The ultimate essence is Naam. To reach Naam we must transcend Haumain. The aims is to be instrument of Naam and engage in righteous action.

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