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  1. The Tory proposal to cut immigration is to put a cap on skilled labour from outside the EU. There are soo many flaws in that proposal that it beggars belief. 1. The vast majority of immigration is from within the EU (both skilled and unskilled). The only way the UK government can stop that is by leaving the EU. 2. If someone from outside the EU marries a British citizen (or anyone from within the EU) they can migrate to the UK. There is no cap on this. 3. Legitimate refugees from war-torn countries or people who cannot return to their native country due to risk of mistreatment have to
  2. Summary of David Cameron's speeches this week: Oxford University should accept more black people... but Britain shouldn't.
  3. I don't think it's right to put someone's contact details on a public forum, especially their phone number. You could just pm it to whoever requests it. And isn't he from Coventry? At least he used to be a few years ago.
  4. The Corporation is a must watch! It's a real eye-opener.
  5. It's both, with a commentary.
  6. A new riddle if anyone's interested: ta le
  7. I have 3 or 4 copies left. PM me if you still want one.
  8. Re-read Prem Sumarag and you'll see there's a huge difference between the way the khande di pahul is prepared for men and the way it is for women.
  9. N30 that'd be great! I'm going to try advertising the torrent on a few torrent search sites so hopefully there'll be a lot more of the general public downloading it.
  10. 15 peers and 5 seeds already... didn't realise it'd be that popular! I encoded it using XviD so you'll need the right codecs to play it. You can use VLC like unbreakable mentioned, or if you want to use Windows Media Player install the K-Lite Codec Pack - http://www.free-codecs.com/K_lite_codec_pack_download.htm
  11. I've [finally!] managed to convert this into a torrent... (I think!) http://tracker.zaerc.com/torrents-details.php?id=13291 Click on Download this .torrent on the right hand side then run the torrent file to download. NB you need a BitTorrent client to download the video. If you don't have one already, I'd suggest BitTornado... it's small, fast and simple. Download from http://www.bittornado.com/download.html I'll keep seeding as long as I can. Please continue to seed after you've downloaded!
  12. Nick Fleming will be doing a talk in South Kensington, London on Wednesday 17th September 6.30 - 8pm. http://www.punjabheritage.org/editorials--...ure-series.html You may need to book... the article is unclear on that.
  13. Recycling with the Nihang Singhs of Punjab A throw-away line completely opened my eyes to what was actually going on around me. "Nick, where's the bin?" I asked, as I wandered around the room looking for somewhere into which to deposit a plastic bag and its contents. "There isn't one," he nonchalantly replied, "and nor is there anywhere on the camp." We were in Punjab in the lead up to the Sikh Tercentenary of 1999, just months before mobile phones moved in to herald the new millennium. Now each time we return it is harder to forget western civilisation and the 21st century. The cacophon
  14. Please can you explain what you mean in the above paragraph, specifically the last sentence... both what?
  15. Thanks for the clarification. I hope she is feeling better now. I was the coordinator of the camp last year, and I was not informed by anyone of your phone call, hence my previous comment. Sorry if I caused any offence.
  16. You can get it from DTF, Soho Road, Birmingham. They said they'd put it on their website for online ordering, but I don't know if they have yet.
  17. Not really sure to be honest. I'm not involved in organising it this year. I'll try and find out and get back to you.
  18. Thanks... I'm listening to it for the third time
  19. She was supposed to come to Sikh Student Camp last year and perform with her husband on sitar... but they didn't turn up and wouldn't answer their phone. Apparently that's not the first time they've let people down like that.
  20. You've confused Sikhi Camp with Sikh Student Camp www.sikhstudent.org Speakers from last year include Bhai Tirath Singh Nirmala author of Bhavrasamrit and Amandeep Madra co-author of Siques, Tigers, or Thieves and Warrior Saints. Highly recommended. There is a weekly youth kirtan in Sparkhill Guru Nanak Gurdwara (just off Stratford Road) 24 Showell Green Lane Sparkhill Birmingham B11 4JP Wednesdays 6.30pm - 9pm A gurbani vichaar katha in English is also held on Wednesdays, where they go through the translations of Jap Ji Sahib Gurdwara Amrit Parchar Dharmik Diwan 65 Birmingha
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