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What's the Fastest Growing Religion?


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I was wondering, what is the fastest growing religion in the world? I went to www.realsikhism.com and they told me it's Sikhism. Then I typed it into Google and it said that it was Islam. I know some of you are problably saying who cares, etc. But I just want to know. Please tell me anybody!

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Are you talking in terms of population or in terms of understanding of the followers...

What is Sikhism ?

Is Sikhism a Religion ?

Dont you think terming a is philosohy as a religion is in term limiting its horizon/boundaries ?

Please do not cut & paste the Sikh Rehat marayada... according to me it is very narrow minded... just my views...

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Shaitaan-ism* is the fastest growing religion.(Not to be confused with Satanism, where goths dress in black and think they're really spooky :LOL: )

*Those who follow the path of Shaitan, though they call themselves people of God.They are many, from many religions.

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Well, what I mean is in population. On Google it said that Islam is having the most people in the world converting into the religion. But as I went to www.realsikhism.com it said that it was Sikhism that's why I posted this question on this Sikh forum. Also what happened to Punjabi Nationalist? Is it that he converted?? Please tell me.

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Dalvir Jee, i am formerly known as 'Punjabi Nationalist' on this forum and no i have not converted to Islam but am working on rediscovering my relationship with Waheguru through Sikhism...

As for fastest growing religion, on paper it would be Islam but in practice? Who knows.

Islam attracts a large number of followers from black and other ethnic minority communities who are behind bars in the states and other western countries... Whether these people practice Islam on the outside is another thing all together.

Also, Muslim communities in Europe and Asia generally have a higher birth-rate than other religious communities, so population is rising on that account too.

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