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Names- Do they have a meaning?

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Hola Kuldeep Singh...means more along the lines of the light of his/her family..ancestry wise...kul=family.... thas a kewl name, my mamma ji's name is that....

Usually first born sons are called kul deepaks because the are continuing their family line (the candle of the family is still burning sort of thing, u kno)

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Rukmani in derby would mean some who fights alot

Ruk=Fight/Causing trouble

Mani=Ma Nee=many:D

well that fits sukhi perfectly always arguing. always

*begins to mutter to himseld, always, aruguing*

i no i shouldnt have strtd the story thign but wa he hay :)

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

10 Page Essays? Sukh bhen don't listen to Khalsa4Ever..he enjoys teasing me lol!

Sukhmani (from Sukhmani Sahib) means the jewel of peace..10 page essays da lugda. I'm no expert at word etymology, just enjoy researching words from bani, especially our names.

Bhen is right about the word 'kul' it means family..

I'm not sure what Rukmani means, I'll look into it jee..Ask Khalsa4ever what his name means lol!

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