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Quality Of Nature

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In the very first composition of Adi Guru Granth Sahib, Jap Ji Sahib, Satguru Nanak says:

Eka Mai Jugat Via-i Tin Chele Parvaan.

Ik Sansari, Ik Bhandari, Ik Lae Dibaan.

Jiv Tis Bhavai, Tivai Chalavai Jiv Hovai Furman.

Uh Vekhai, Ona Nadar Na Avai, Bahuta Ehu Vidaan.

Adesh Tisai Adesh.

Aad, Aneel, Anaad, Anaahat, Jug Jug Eko Ves. (Pauri 30)

The Trai-gun are also known as the servant-gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv.The above pauri from Jap Ji Sahib tells of how the Trai-gun (Trimurti) came to be.The One Consciousness (Eka, Ishvar) joined in (Divine sexual) union (jugat) with the Transcendental Ground of Nature (Mai, Maya, Shakti), and from that She conceived and gave birth to Brahma (Sansari, Rajo-gun), Vishnu (Bhandari, Satto-gun) and Shiv (Laa-e Dibaan, Tamo-gun).

Sorry for any mistake I have made.

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Yes Gurbani does say more about the Traigun, but I'm not an expert on Gurbani so I won't be giving a translation or interpretation, sorry.I feel uneasy when trying to explain Gurbani, nowadays.

But Naam Simran, which in my view is a sublime form of ekaagra (one-pointed concentration).Through this yoga (endeavour to join with the Divine) you may dissolve away the Traigun and attain a state known as gun-atit, which means to "transcend the traigun".Gun-atit is also known as chautha pad or "fourth state", the other three being waking, deep sleep and dreaming.

There is also something beyond the chautha pad, but I can't comment on it.I'm just Satguru Nanak Nirankar's fool.

Sorry for any mistake I made.

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