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modern day "guru's" and their lineages!

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sat sri akal ji,

hello to everyone, I may not write too often but I find that what we share on this forum is quite enriching.

most of us here believe guru granth sahib to be our "primal" guru, present day guru, with no one being equivalent to that status...

I am writing this with the intent of understanding and learning how other guruships have developed. I like how people on this forum prefer a more authenticated form of sikhi..where there are lineages, practices, blessings, and cultural nuances etc.

so my question, quite frankly, is what lineages do modern day guru's subscribe to?

ie. sant nirankari's say that baba buta singh, their first guru, was actually part of the "giani" samparda.....would that/could that be possible as I was under the impression that he joined the sikh nirankari's and was a kirtanee/patee.... the sikh nirankari's started up on their own...it was a movement started by dyaal das

then you have radhasoami's who trace their lineage back to a yogi who gave naam to jaimal singh (I believe..excuse my ignorance on this one)...but what about sarwan singh? or even gurcharan singh?

what about baba jagjit singh? naamdhari singh's believe that their current guruship comes DIRECTLY from guru nanak...apart from that, is there any known facts as to where their guru's may have learned santhya etc?

food for thought!

as a gursikh we are here to learn about and love guruji, in the process it is to our benefit to lean as much as we can about everything else...that way if come across anyone who sees guruji as "just a book", "just a movement"...etc...we can help alleviate the myths of sikhi and introduce the more deeper elements of sikhi...:)

for amrit singh,

sorry for the delayed response, the book was jeevan kirna, sant baba jawala singh ji harkowal. the publishers are chattar singh and jeevan singh in amritsar

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