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Evaluation of Sikh Rehitname

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In a lot of archived posts, there are countless references to many different Rehitname. I was wondering whether members here could give a list of all puratan Rehitname (including dates), and then maybe even give a short synopsis of each?

And how does the information within them tie in with the current Sikh Rehit-Maryada?


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Singh its a really good book; has numerous rehit namae in there. one sec.

from what i can see he refers to about 13 rehitnamae.

The first section is all the scholarly stuff which breaks down his views,etc; and then the second section is the rehitnamae translated into english (wahoooo.)

You can buy it, or try and borrow it off someone u know! (provided u give it back, u can borrow it off me.)

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McLeod has drawn lot of criticism from Sikh scholars for his suggestion that the Sikhs might have later on deleted a portion of the Ramakali

hymn in the Kartarpur Manuscript of the Adi Granth, because it mentioned the hair-cutting ceremony of Guru Hargobind. In his opinion, this feature was in obvious contradiction to the later prohibition of hair cutting and hence the reference in the hymn would be intolerable.16


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