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making a website


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i need to make a website because i need to promote my work.

i have the contents ready, but how do i go about making a website??

whats the steps i need to take?

as far as i know, i need to

a)find a host (which one is recommended??)

b)find a web designer or make a crappy one maself (anyone want to earn some cash n do it for me? :) )

c)put my contents in

urmmm..i think thats about it!!

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Many out there, do a search on Google. Some charge per bandwidth (ie, traffic), some charge per space. Bandwidth is important if content is heavy duty. For heavy duty content, unlimited bandwidth is recommended. For light, text-based content, bandwidth charged packages are a better bet. Points to take into consideration:

a) Space - how much do you need and how much will you need (think ahead)

B) Features, eg, PhP, MySQL, email boxes, media streaming, Perl, CGI, SSL, iASP, RealMedia, etc..what are you likely to use, and how much.

c) Speed/quality of servers and bandwidth

d) Security of servers (are you allowed to make extra mods)

e) IP tracking, stats, etc (...feedback from your site may be important if its a commercial venture)

f) Track record of host - helps if you avoid the ones with bad reps, or the ones who constantly get hacked

g) UNIX/Linux, VMS, Sun, or Windows based servers - out of these OpenVMS-based servers are by far the best (it helps if u work on them too hehe), followed by Sun, then UNIX/Linux (Apache), and Windows at the bottom of the list. OpenVMS are best as they are virtually impossible to hack, provide great speed, and are even used in the military and intelligence agencies around the world due to their reliability.


a) Best to learn HTML, dHTML and Javascript yourself. These are the very basics. Get a copy of Dreamweaver (lots of versions available). It makes for easier website creation/designing and uploading your site to your server. Lots of online tutorials to teach you this stuff.

B) For interactive content it may be helpful to consider PhP, MySQL, Java, Flash, Director, and Shockwave.

c) Graphics work - Photoshop, Flash and Fireworks are tools of choice, but there are some great pieces of freeware software too

Practice makes perfect. Also consider the following points:

a) Your audience and their access to the net. A complex website will be too complicated to navigate

B) Keep it simple. Webdesigners have a tendency to make website too flashy, too "cool", and end up trying to compete with TV.

c) Your content should be the most important thing - the website is a tool to deliver it

d) Presentation is key, and this should be thought out properly, ie, colour schemes, etc

e) Always consider that you may want to update the site constantly so make it easier for yourself and consider a modular design.

f) Dont use technology for the sake of using it. Any monkey can use all technologies out there, but is it worth it?

g) Stick to a theme - graphics, content, bckgrounds, buttons, etc are more appealing if you stick to a theme.

Hope that helps.

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If you want to hire web designer for your website then go ahead post your project on site given below. Most of the time you get good price range from this site because developers/designer from overseas offer very low rate.


And for web hosting there is only website and this is the best. You can sign up with them same as you did here and ask question.


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