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Lareevaar at Nanaksar/Rara Sahib

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Yet another question from the one the only Samosa Singh: :LOL:

I know that AKJ and Taksal propogate Lareevaar Saroops, but what is Nanaksars/Rara Sahibs stand on this? Do they just not see a difference between Pad-chen and Lareevaar? Or do they actually do santhyaa from Lareevaar. Like at Rara Sahib and Nanaksar are there pad-ched saroops or Lareevaar? How do they bring there saroops from India over here?

I have been reading quite a bit on these two Samprada's, like Anand Chamatkaar and Ruhanee Sandesh, never really came across this topic.

Like the older Mahapurshes like Baba Isher Singh Rara and Nanaksar and Baba Nand Singh, did they ever say anything about this when SGPC started printing Pad-ched?

I am hoping to get some input from the actuall Sangees like NEO and Karamjeet, please only respond if you have knowlegde on the subject.

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