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Sant baba Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib Da Sachkhand Jaana.....


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source: Nuo Ratan.

I m goin to post how did sant attar singh ji went to sachkhand....

Sant Maharaj Nai Sangat Nuo Hor Gal Na Karan Di Aaigaya Kiti C Par Aaap Ji Neh Otkaie Sav Dhan Ho Kaie Chaukra(sat down) Markaie Eh Shabad Paraya Si:

Kout Bhramand Kauo Thukar Swami

Saraba Jiya Ka Data Raie ||

Taie Akhri Tuk-

Guru Nanak Jin Suniya Paikiya

Saie Fir Garbaas Na Pariya Raie||

Dau Tin Vari Paraaya C. Fair Sir Jhookiya C Mauno Satguru Ji Di Agaya Pa Kaie Chalan Lagyaie Han. Ehi Keh Kaie Aap Ji Neh Swasa Nuo Joor Naal Kichiya C. Fair Swaas Kichkaie Taak taie Kaie Ek Sewak Naie Chiik Taie Keha Saunoo Kis Diaie Lar La Chalo Ho? . Eh Dard Baari Awaaz Sun Kaie Aaap Ji Neh Fir Natair(eye) Khoul Ditaie Taie FaurMaya(reply), "Bhai Tusa Sauno Duro tuo Bola Liya Haie. Jo Kabal Hovaga Uh Sangat Nuo Sabhaal Lavaiega, Sauno Kis Neh Paagri Baadi C? Auho Aus Malik di Dain Haie Juo Kehan Taie Sunun Athava Mahantiya Gaadiya Tuo Vi Ucha Haie.

Eh Kehkaie Hi Fir Sangat Nuo Hakum Hoyiya. "Hun Ja Reh Ha Koi Na Bulvaie." Eh Keh Kaie Maharaj Ji Neh Swas Kichaya taie Fir Dusra Swaas Bahar Nahi Aieya. Looka Takya Param Abhaysi Maha Purkh Dasam Dwar Fuor(break) kaie Sirar Chad Kaie Chalie Gayaie. Dasam Dwar daie Upar Ek Khoon(blood) dii buond(drop) Baya Aie Taie Swasa Daie Baar Jaan Di Awaaaz Hoyi C.

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More about sant baba attar singh ji reru sahib.

Waheguru created the creation out of his own free will. Countless great men, scientist and intellectuals have tried to explain it, but Waheguru Ji alone knows for purpose the world was created. There is the commandment of Guru Maharaj thus:

For the sake of the Saints, the Lords has installed the three worlds. He who comprehends his ownself comes to know the Reality.

For the flowering of the Saints this world of countless kinds and colours of human beings was created. Innumerable living beings, such as the gods and the demons humans beings ghosts and sprits, also limitless undeveloped classes were created out of all these classes human beings were given the pride place and man was designated as the lord of the creation, because this is the only birth in which one can attain God-the Creator and the Master. In the human race there are men of varying natures, which can be divided into various categories such as Pamar (lowest beings), Bhogi (those given to sensual enjoyments) and seekers and realized souls. The Pamars and the Bhogis live at the level of flesh and blood; they live their life operating within the circle of the mind.

After having suffered for their past actions, they once again enmesh themselves in the web of new actions and thus they go on making rounds of the new births, to undergo the fruits of their actions. This process of these beings goes on forever. This class has neither any faith in the Maker of the universe, nor do they get any respite for the physical enjoyments. Their goal is to amass wealth, to gain power, by means fair or foul. Their whole life is passed in practicing enmities, opposition, sex anger, illusion, pride, jealousy, hatred and censuring others. Since they have no inclination for the service of other, for remembering God, or for doing good acts, they generally waste their life uselessly. Since their mental state and their intelligence resembles that of animals, they are no better than animals themselves.

The other category is the best and is termed as seekers. In them there is the awakening of the consciousness to find out the purpose of life: have we got this life only for eating and drinking, for play and for practicing enmity and opposition, or is there any higher purpose of this life?

In order to teacher wisdom and awareness, God has created saints, God sends these self-realized souls, at different times to banish darkness from the world. They confer true knowledge on the whole world, by means of their life of light. They have always been showing the path of riddance from suffering. They act their part in the play of life and set their example, before the world. It is the Grace of God, that he manifested such saints in order to show the right path to His own created beings. Their exalted message are eternal (timeless), the truth of their statements is immortal.. By meditation on their thoughts, one is able to discover the path of supreme bliss. For the uplift of humanity, there have been created in the world, men of God, sacred sports, places of pilgrimage and other sacred centres. At these places, men of true knowledge come and show the right path to people. There is also the second king of men of God-saints, great souls, apostles and wandering monks, who in the guise of the Sadhus travel from place to place bestow on ignorant folks, who have forgotten their way, the knowledge of the path of Truth and how to be united with their God.

One among such exalted saints is the great soul, Sant Attar Singh Ji of Reru Sahib. He was born in 1867 A.D., in the month of March, in Loppon village in Ludhiana district. At the time, Baba Ram Singh, the world-famous chief of the Namdhari sect was very popular in this area.

The residents of Lopon Village too were fully impressed by his knowledge of Gurbani. He also crated a lasting impression on Baba Takhat Singh, by influencing him with the Guru's ideology of God's Nam and Bani. It was in this religious atmosphere that Sant Attar Singh of Reru Sahib was reared. At the age of five he was sent to receive instruction in Punjabi from the Granthi of the town, Bhai Gurmukh Singh Ji, who was a devotee of Guru's faith. In those days, the priests who served in the Gurdwara, used to be far superior to saints of today, in life's virtues, in adopting the way of Guru's teachings and in possessing complete faith in their religion. They did not accept any money for reciting the Holy granth; they had no interest in their hearts for money matters. They were true men of Gurus, the true servants of the Gurus' house.

Impressed by their way of life the Sikh faith flourished in the countryside. This child (Attar Singh) received knowledge from such men of the Gurus. He used to get up at 2:30 A.M. in the early dawn. At that time, he made readings of the Holy scripture, he devoted time in remembrance of God, he contemplated on the Bani. From his teacher, he learnt the way of life and used to practice that. His father commanded respectability in the area, being a Numberdar and Sufaidposh (two titles during British rule). When he had leisure from the programme of studies, he sought to have practical experience of the Bani that he studied. He sat under the shade of tress, closed his eyes and used to enjoy internal bliss, like the ascetics. When he was 18, he was inspired by the patriotic sentiments to serve his motherland. He was recruited in Platoon No. 36, which had produced some outstanding saints. That platoon was the pride of the Sikhs. It was June 8, 1887 and he was twenty years of age. His handsome physique, well-filled height, broad chest and fortunate forehead attracted all, who saw him.

Baba Karam Singh of Hoti Mardan- a very honourable soul used to reside very near him. This young man at that time posted in Noshehra cantonment. The Sikh soldiers used to go to Hoti Mardan to have the darshan of Baba Karam Singh and many Sikh soldiers whose life was influenced by Baba Ji got into the habit of getting up at dawn and engaging themselves in prayer. When Attar Singh met Baba Karam Singh face to face, he saluted him by laying prostrate before him, with the greatest earnestness. When his forehead touched the feet of Baba Ji he felt a strong electric current thrill in every fiber of his body. He was completely influenced by the programme of other worldliness (indifference to the world, offering complete devotion to God). The Saint made him get up and said 'Get up dear brother. Meet the holy congregation restrain you feeling of love. Sant Ji patted him on his forehead and on his back. Baba Attar Singh made this petition from the deepest recess of his consciousness. "Baba Ji, shower you grace on me, so that my human birth achieves its true purpose." The great man (Baba Ji) said, Attar Singh, the mission of your life with which Guru Kalgidhar Maharaj, the Tenth Master blessed you, has been lying safe as a trust with me. Now spread you cloths to receive your due and take care of it. You yourself practice spirituality and spread it (the Guru's message) in the world.

After meeting Baba Karam Singh Of Hoti Mardan, his life was completely changed. At all times, he went on doing Jap of Gur Mantar by his tongue, and in his body, it flowed nonstop in his life; it went from his tongue to his breath, from his breath to the unspoken speech and from the silent speech into his heart, from the entering the Agya Chakkar via sphere of limitless sound and the passing through the thousands-petalled lotus (top of the head) entered the tenth gate. He heard the harmonies of Nam from all nature, as is the Commandment of Guru Maharaj:

Whatever the deer, the fish and the birds utter; without God they speak not of another.

Even getting more than this, he saw the perfection of the Nam from the insensate objects of the entire nature:

The earth, nether-world and firmament, O my soul, all mediate on the Lord Master's Name.

He began to feel such consciousness and with nonstop concentration he reached the state about which the Gurbani ordains as under:

They, who remember God, become like God and the playful and sportive Lord meets them.

When one successfully achieves such a state, one gets the right to instruct others to the method of the Nam-Simran. Guru Maharaj ordains thus intimating us about the honour of that Gursikh.

Servants Nanak ask for the dust of the feet of that Sikh of the Guru, who himself contemplates on God's Name and makes other contemplate thereon.

Thus making spiritual practices he retired from the army at the age of forty and reached the abode of Reru Sahib. Here stood the holy land of Reru Sahib, which stands there, keeping alive the remembrance of Guru Kaligidhar, the True Emperor. It was waiting for some realized soul, who with his own hands should discover this holy spot and who should thereby immortalize the memory of the Tenth Master.

When it was time for him to take leave of Baba Karam Singh Ji, the great saint said, "Go and yoke the plough; go on doing service of the Guru's house hold all your life and in your inner mind, the Jap of Guru will also go on in your inner consciousness for all the time. You are blessed with he service of the Guru's mission." Thus he began this career of service with the effect from 18th October, 1907. To finance his own maintenance, he had his pension from the army.

His was the life of service and of remembering God, Miracles and riches and successes and many other powers were extremely anxious to serve him as his maids, but he did not even cast a glance on them. The frame of his dedication in the service of the Guru's cause, like a strong scent spread far and wide; it spread among the rich and the poor, among the places of kings and the queens. The Maharaja of Patiala came to have his darshan in Cognito. At that time, he had retuned after the ploughing fields. Just then, he began to cut the fodder for the animals with the cutter with his own hands, which were all besmeared with dust and dirt. The Maharaja of Patiala thought that some servant wrapping a shawl around him was cutting the fodder for his bullocks with his owns hands. He was much impressed with his face that was glowing radiant. To remove the doubt of his mind he enquired thus, "I have come from afar to have the darshan of Sant Ji. Kindly tell me when and at what place can I meet him." At this the great saint signaled the Maharaja to take his seat on a bed nearby and with extreme humility he said, "You have come from a long distance. Do have food in langar before you go see the saint."

If you wish the food can be served here itself. Pointing towards a room, he said, kindly wait a little. The saint whom you have come to meet will be here soon. After finishing his work, he washed his feet and hands. When he was proceeding towards the room, a servant informed the Maharaja that the saint was coming. The Maharaja was wonderstruck to see that while the saint was cutting fodder for the cattle, he (Maharaja) was sitting on the bed. He fell at the feet of the saint and made this submission with the great love, dedication and with all earnestness, 'Honoured sir, I have committed a big blunder; namely I made the mistake of sitting on the bed. Today really I am face to face with a God-realized person.' He revealed his identity and with full faith, he heard the words of the saint and after getting his blessing, he departed.

The fragrance of his name fame reached Baba Partap Singh Maharaj of Bhaini Sahib, He along with the Sangat of Namdhari sect came to meet the saint, reciting the words of Gurbani all the way. At that time, the saint was sitting in the congregation, wrapping himself in a sheet and in inner contemplation. Just then, the great man Baba Partap Singh was reciting these lines- Bhag Jage Aj Sathe Bhag Jage, Guru Ji Ne Sant Milae. (With the kindness of Guru Ji, our luck has wakened up today, and we have met the real Saint.

When this Shabad (holy words) was completed, then the old ladies from the sangat who had come with him from Bhaini Sahib passed their hands on the sant's back and gave their benedictions thus- Dear son. Blessed are you, the son of the Guru. we feel blessed with meeting you.

These ladies, the two holy mothers were incarnations of dharam, cool-hearted, simply dressed, their sweet words, noble nature, they at all times did service of others with their own hands. They were the honourable visible embodiments of the goddesses.

He often used to go on a pilgrimage to visit Saidhu Sahib where in the Lunda river the body of Sant Baba Karam Singh had been immersed. Here religious folks used to worship Sant Attar Singh, taking him to be the incarnation of Baba Karam Singh. People got fulfillment of their wishes by receiving his blessing. During his pilgrimage to Saidhu Sahib, he used to rest at night at the edge of the well of a Pathan named Ajim Khan. He was a rich Pathan & was devoted to Sant Ji.

He had a friend named Nijula Khan, the Nambardar of the area who was a well-known Rais (rich man) and also a military pensioner. He had three wives, but in the absence of a child, his house was covered with darkness. This man heard about the glory of the great Saint from Azim Khan (his friend). Azim Khan told his friend that this divine faquir, who is a true lover (of God), and true disciple of Guru Nanak sits in the contemplation of God throughout the night at the edge of his well. The fraternity of Guru Nanak is said to be a house that can confer great blessing. A Musalman like Mardana became his supreme disciple and spent his whole life, singing the praises of Guru and God. I have heard the story even up to this extent, that when Guru Nanak left the world, both Hindus and the Musalmans consider him to be one of them (each); the Hindus owned him, the Muslims said, he is one of us (Muslims). In order to put an end to this dispute, the great prophet (Guru Nanak) made his body disappear. Sant Attar Singh is also one in the tradition of Guru Nanak. I am 100% sure that house (of Sant Attar Singh) will fulfill your wishes. Nijula Khan was mortally afraid of the Muslim Holy Writ. Inspite of that, greatly pressed by his need (to beget a son), he stood with folded hands before the great Saint (Sant Attar Singh Ji) at 11 o'clock. in the darkness of the night (lest anyone should see him doing this). He submitted, most respected Saint! you are the beloved of God and are the disciple of Guru Nanak, the Prophet of all Prophet. At his door, no supplicant has ever returned with his wish unfulfilled. I have come to your court to beg the gift of a son. O you helper of the poor, I have large land. I am getting handsome military pension. I have three wives, but in the absence of a son, I feel no ties with the world. You have the capacity to turn the dry ones into green. Two of my wives have gone to God (died). When Sant Ji enquired about his age, he replied it is 90 years. Two of my wives have died and three are still living. The great man (Sant Attar Singh) closed his eyes (to see the future) and pronounce this; Khan Sahib Almighty has showered his blessing on you. Next Year, a son would be playing in the lap of your eldest wife. But you should look at Hindus and Musalmans with an equal eye. Run a langar (community kitchen) in your house. Regularly say your prayers five times in a day. God will surely fulfill your desire. Next year, that Pathan was blessed with a son. As a thanksgiving he came to Sant Ji, along with a band and accompanied by his fraternity.

At dawn, the Sant after taking his bath, sat at the edge of a thatched cottage, in solitude, immersed in the memory of God. It was the month of Bhadon (August). There were crops on all sides. Day and night, the landlord used to irrigate his land. Nearby there was the well of Chanchal Singh. As the well giving out water, the machine of Persian-wheel kept on making a sound as an indication of its continued working. Chanchal Singh thought lest this sound of the well, might be disturbing the meditation of the Sant Ji, he took away the sound-making element and put it aside. When on waking from his meditation. the Sant did not hear the sound of the dog, he enquired of Chanchal Singh. The saint said that the shoulders of bullocks get tired (by going round and round, beating the yoke) and the landlord gives them rest after sometime. Those bullocks are put to great trouble for my sake. The peasant replied, I used to stop the wheel with my thighs and these bullocks felt no trouble. Just then the following words escaped the saint, almost spontaneously, 'you put the element back on the circling wheel; it will never produce sound again after today.' During the life of the saint, that Persian wheel never made any sound. The blessing of the (God's) Nam are infinite. Even nature, wind, water and river too obey the orders of the saints, because these (saints) are not separate from God. This Saint Ji spiritually uplifting countless souls. His drama of life taught to people the way of service, and remembering of God.

He had a meeting with Sant Attar Singh Ji, Mastuane-wale (who belonged to a place named Mastuana). At that time, he was sitting among the congregation, engaged in devotional singing. He in a loud voice told the devotional audience to go and have the darshan of Sant Attar Singh Ji of Reru Sahib, who is a Sadhu in the real sense & who has achieved and is a God-realized persons. There are so many saints; the world terms us also as a saint. In Sukhmani Sahib, praises & glories have been sung about such true saints. Thus he passed through life distributing treasures of the blessings (of God). Maharaj Sant Ishar Singh Ji of Rara Sahib and Baba Kishen Singh of Rare Sahib also came into his contact and with the touch of his alchemy themselves were changed into alchemy. All his life, Sant Ishar Singh Ji spread the message of Guru Granth Sahib in many foreign countries and converted persons to Guru's ideology. He baptized more than a million persons. Such Sikhs of Gurus are called pillar of light. The memory of such saints give inspiration to people to perform prayer and worship.

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji was conducting Kirtan (holy singing) at the house of a Sehajdhari Sikh at Doraha. At that time, an inquisitive Gyani Ji asked, "Why are you chanting so loudly the hymns about otherworldliness when you yourself live at Transcendental stage? Why don't you preach the message of the knowledge about God?" The great saint said, 'you wait for three more days, you will get the answer.' It was the 5th Magh Samvat 1983. (17th January 1927 A.D.) There was a big wallow land. The whole day he kept standing there and changed it into a road. He said large crowds would feel inconvenience. This (sentence) seemed like a puzzle, which nobody could understand. A few days after this on 9th Magh 1983 Samvat (21st January 1927 A.D.), he proclaimed at 1 A.M. after midnight, "I am ready to go into the court of Kalgidhar Emperor (Tenth master). No one should shed tears on my passing away. But who could stop the grief of sangat? (all began to weep) After sometime, he bade the final Waheguru Ji di Fateh to the world and shuffled off his mortal coil. He, a light, merged in the supreme of the Guru.

In this month of 19th January, a great soul, Sant Attar Singh Ji Mastuane wale also left his body and rested at the feet of the Gurus. We can never forget the great campaign that he waged to purify and reform the fallen Sikh Community. These two great saints greatly loved each other. The great work in the field of education which Sant Attar Singh Ji Mastuane wale did create in our hearts firm faith, and has left lasting memories.

It was in this very month of January, when the great saints and God-realized soul Sant Baba Kishan Singh Ji left his body five elements and went and rested at the feet of the Gurus.

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Guest Daas Manraj

WJKK WJKF JI, please can you explain where River Lunda is in Pakistan. Is this situated near Hoti Mardan? As I know there is a river beside Hoti Mardan called Kalpani, but I don't want to mistake this for River Lunda. 

Also paaji you mentioned Saidhu Sahib, is this a Gurdwara Sahib, where is it? Or are you referring to Dera Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji in Hoti Mardan?


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