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baba kaan das manderawallay


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baba kaan das manderawallay

gurfateh ji, I thought I’d write a story about a sant/mahapursh that baba jawala singh knew.

baba kaan das manderawallay has been deemed as a maha tapasvee, veet raag, pooran brahmgyani. Possessor of miracles, knower of the soul

baba kaan das manderawallay had 84 siddhs gorakhs and 9 naaths coming to him (spirits).

He used to always have smoke from fresh wood that was always burnt. He kept a “dhuna†between the bor and pippal tree that was outside his hut

So the story goes…..

The dhoona caretaker was inder singh. He forgot to do the dhoona one night and baba kaan das manderwallay got angry and said the siddhs are angry that you didn’t do the dhoona and went back. they come here for relaxation, it is one of the only places they get relaxation…

The sevadars didn’t believe any of it because they never saw any siddhs.

So baba kaan das ji, did a “kautakâ€.

He called everyone to the dhoona at 10pm and instructed them to recite mool mantar da jaap. They attentively did the akhand jaap as they were asked and each became really absorbed.

At 12 am… they started hearing noises from a mile away. It was the sound of narsingha…it was narsingha (the avtar)and company.

When it got closer and closer they heard “aulakh, aulakhâ€â€¦.the whole area became peaceful, as if a great blessing had been conferred….the whole group started saying

“aadesh, aadesh†(this is what yogi’s see to praise god, we see it in japji sahib as "ades tisai ades).

Then all of a sudden as the voice(s) came closer they heard them veering towards the mountains…

They asked baba kaan das manderwallay….why can’t we see narsingha and company…

He replied “your antashkaran (man, chit, budh, ahankar) isn’t capable of seeing something of such high caliber. You guys aren’t gyaan vaan enough to actually see anything that subtle.

The episode shocked the group and they realized that they lacked sharda and nimrita and love..consequently, they started doing dhoona dee seva with a lot of love and spent as much time as possible doing akhand jaap around the dhoona

sat sri akaaal

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thanks for making us aware of that. I thought that that could have been the case, but now I have reassurance.

With all this ignorance out there, we may all, with guru ji's blessings, understand and become aware of prevailing practices so that we are imbued with tolerance.

knowledge is powerful, because the extremes of it border on oneness.

may waheguru keep you in chardeekallah !

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