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Sant baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Maharaj-Barsi- Aug26


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Sant baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj Rara Sahib Barsi being celebrated with full sharda and prem On August 26 in the morning. Also Akhand Patt will be held from August 24- 26 at:

61 Crowther Rd


WV6 0


Thats the place where sant maharaj ji left their corperal being and went to sachkhand between 8 am- 8.30 am while sitting in Smaadhi.

We ask everyone who lives in U.K who beleive in Sant/Mahapursh to attend the barsi if its possible and give us your darshan.

Then in the evening there is an rehansbhai happening at

Nanaksar Thah Isher Darbar Temple

Mander Street

Wolverhampton , West Midlands WV3 0JZ

So Please give us your darshan.

Also in yadgyaar of Sant Maharaj Ji Rara Sahib there is a video of Akhri Darshan & Jaal Pravah for sangat to watch.

Link: http://www.bhorasahib.com/Sant%20Isher%20S...0Ji%20Video.htm

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hi... i was wondering if u cud help me i want d name and address of this gurudwara! its a gurudwara built by Santh baba Isher Singhs Jis grandson, i think its near coventry or leamington spar im not sure, its got a sorovar... hopin u might know. if u do cud u plz get bak 2 me!

thank u!

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na it is sant baba isher singh ji from rara sahib! do u kw anythin bout dat gurudwara den??? ur confusin me i had 2 double check have a look at dis website www.atammarg.com/root/isher.htm

There is only two gurdwara's of rara sahib in U.K... one- Karamsar Rara Sahib, Ilford and second one is in wolverhampton which is house (they made it as gurdwara) where sant ji left their body in samadhi. :)

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