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I need advice on upgrading my RAM


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I have a Dell PC which has 512MB DDR RAM (2 sticks of 256).You can only fit this kind of RAM in pairs.The PC has 4 memory slots (2 by 2).Two of the slots (1 and 2) are already occupied with the 2 256MB RAM sticks.I want to add more RAM, maybe 2 512 RAM modules.Now if I want to put in two 512MB RAM modules in slots 3 and 4 is it ok?Or do I have to put them in slots 1 and 2, which are the slots nearer to the processor, and then put the original 2 256MB mudules in slots 3 and 4?

Or is just ok if I just put the two 512MB modules in slots 3 and 4?This memory is compatible with my machine:


Thanks in advance.

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you will be able to get 2 x 512 modules in there, but what you should look at first is the MHZ of the memory you currently have, if the memory you have at the moment is runnin at 2700 (333mhz) and you put in 512 runnin at 3200 (400mhz) then your system memory will run together at the 333 because your older modules wont be able to keep up with the newer, so your computer automatically runs all your mem slower, open up ya pc and check the old mem sticks to see what speed its runnin at and buy new memory which matches that speed or else ull be wastin money on memory which u cant run fully

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Thanks everyone.All done and dusted.Yes, I put the lesser RAM mudules in slots 3 and 4.Now I have 1.5 GB of RAM.Had no problems.Took me about 30 mins from start to finish.The computer has recognised the change in RAM and registers 1.5 GB.Everquest 2 here I come....

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