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if you want to get your "work" published then I would urge that you try a mainstrem publisher as the reach is much greater than specialist retailers like DTF - it will also gain you a great deal more credibility.

here are some pointers:

1. Make sure that your work has something unique or new to say and make sure that you emphasis this in your pitch to publishers. There are dozens of authors out there who are simply re hashing existing histories or secondary sources and mainsteam publishers simeply wont buy this.

2. Write a really powerful and compelling proposal document. This will include a sample chapter of yor work, details on the rets of the content, what you expect the final work to look like (number of words, illustrations etc); a market analysis of the sikh book buying market - some illustrations of similar books that have been marketed helps and if you can hook into a wider anniversary or media event so much the better

3. This is critical - get some authoratative review of your work. Find experts in your field who can write a paragraph or two on just why your work is important and why its marketable and why the publisher shoudl take it - publishers rely on independant experts to validate an authors proposal

3. Find publishers that are publishing the type of book you want to write - eg OUP India for Academic books or Marg for indian Art books - use books like the Writers Handbook for details on specialities of niche publishers. Approach the commissioning editor and pitch your work - you have to be breif and business like and your english must be pukka !

It takes years and you get lots of rejections so be prepared


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