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accessing that flipping hub HELP!


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uggh computers

now, I've finally got acces to a computer that has the memory space to allow me to use the 'hub'. The computer is part of my work's network. It seems to have broadband internet connection.

I've downloaded the DC program thing. I've tried to complete the settings (I've put in what seems to be the computers IP address - where do I find it by the way? and I've made a random port number)

I've uploaded a file for sharing.

Now when I try to connect to gursevahub.com it tells me that the 'target machine' rejects my connection. I've tried to work out what on earth the help is talking about and failed.

any DC++ geeks out there, please help me. Thanks

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any DC++ geeks out there, please help me. Thanks

lol, thats the way to get people falling over backwards helping!

Akali Sodhi, your services are required! (and keep your hands where we can see them!).

Maybe me summat to do with a passive connection? Dunno, heard some greeks talking abt it *ahem*.

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oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :thumbsup: there they are.

erm DC++ hmmm not used hthat in a while i doing the whole lime -wire thing now it works for beter from me, n the hub is it gurseva hub or isit summit else, could i find downloads like Chandee Di Var, by chance, if so its time i got DC++ again.

n e ways beast hows ur ears man, still infected or are we ok now.

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