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A Letter to My Mother, Guru Sahib

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From March of 1975 to September of 1976, the Sikh Sangat of Amritsar did the seva of 1500 hand-written saroops of Sree Guru Granth Sahib that had been brought from Pakistan. The Sangat would change the rumaallay covering Guru Sahib and also wipe every ang of the saroop with a cloth.

From one of these saroops, a mysterious letter was found, written by a Sikhi bibi to “My beloved Gurdev Mata jeeoâ€. The letter was filled with extreme spiritual longing and love. Who knows what state this letter was written in? It writes about separation from Guru Sahib, but who knows how or why this separation happened? Although the person who put the letter in the saroop had made an error, it seems to be an error made in innocence. Reproduced below is that letter:

A Letter to My Mother, Guru Sahib

By Unknown

In Soora, March 1976

Translated by Admin www.tapoban.org

Ik Oankaar Sat Gurparsaad,



Sreematee Poojneek (worthy of worship), my beloved Gurdev Mata jeeo,

Please accept the greetings of you slave, as I place my head upon your sacred feet. My beloved Gurdev jeeo, I don’t understand or know whether I should call you mother or whether I should call your father or Satguru or Gurdev. My beloved Mata jeeo! It is my plea that eight days have now passed since I have been separated from your feet and have seen your sun-like glowing face.

Forgive me, I could not write you. My beloved Gurdev jeeo! How can I tell you the reason for not writing? You know what is inside of everyone. You know what is in the heart. My beloved Mata jeeo! In these past seven days, I held the pen five times to write you a letter, but I don’t know why, every time I started to write, my hands would begin to tremble and the pen would fall. I have seen the reason for this now, and it is all my grave sins.

My beloved Gurdev jee, I have seen it for myself that when I wait for your darshan either at my home or at your feet, my mind’s state is different. I mean, in my heart I would have so many thoughts that when my Gurdev Mata jeeo meets me, I’ll speak on this matter or I will bow in such a way. Many other thoughts like this would come, but when I come before your charan, I forget everything.

My beloved Gurdev jeeo, my heart is always longing for your darshan, but I don’t know why I cannot even see you in my dreams. My beloved Mata jeeo, forgive my faults and take me into your feet. Forgive, me, this sinner, and take me into your feet. Don’t look at my flaws. Please bless this beggar. I have no one else but you. My beloved Gurdev jee, it is my request, over and over again, that you not look at my faults, and you give me the love of your charan and the gift of your naam.

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