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Whats Gluten


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thats what all the girls say.

(note to self: hopefully desi baba doesn't figure out how to edit his post to mess my reply up)

(second note to self: answer Amrik's query instead of idle mumbling)

(thrid note to self: get off SA b4 I get the sack from work)

(fourth note to self: write note to self on paper not on forum visited by people across the globe)

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u guys r insane...

newho, before Neo and his nazis come by and pluck all the funniness outta this thread, lemme eskplain what gluten really is:

gluten (n):

1. a mixture of proteins present in cereal grains.

2. (archaic) a sticky substance.

hope that helps ur query whoever made this thread... which would be Amrik...

*smacks Beast upside the head to get the gutter outta his mind and ends up with more filth on her hands*... sick people... ewwwwww....

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