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Saka Sirhand - The movie

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa ,Waheguru ji ki fateh!

Gupt Fauj Inc.


Dear Sikh Sangat,

To commemorate the martyrdom of Sahibzada Zorawar Singh & Sahibzada Fateh Singh. We have created a new film called Saka Sirhand, describing the events that occurred surrounding the city of Sirhand and the young sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji. This film is best suited for an audience, who has had exposure to western/Hollywood style movies, it is a very influential, inspirational, and heart-wrenching story of the martyrdom of young sahibzade, aged 6 and 8, being bricked alive during the times of Mughal rule in India. To stay clear from any controversy and heated debates, there are no actual characters or beings used to represent any of our Gurus or martyrs.

This film will be available and accessible to anyone in the world. Due to months of hard work in compiling this project the volunteers have decided to keep it from being published on the internet right away, and will be first shown only to individuals requesting a copy to be shown at local Gurdwaras. As part of the funding for this project, a small fee for printing/design of posters, CD covers, and a copy of the movie is required at the screening. If you require a custom made poster for hosting an event at your local Gurdwara, contact us with all the information of when, and where, and we will make a poster for you.

Gupt Fauj Inc. is an organization of a few individuals dedicated to educate the next generation of Sikhs of their glorious past and history. We are motivated by the spirit of our ancestors and function as a non-profit organization. As we progress, hopefully with more opportunities for future projects, we welcome anyone willing to help/volunteer in any way possible. We especially require individuals with multi-media skills to come forward and bring their share to the table.

For more information, contact:

Daljeet Singh (Toronto): daljeetr@hotmail.com – (905) 455-4999

Rajinder Singh (Bradford, U.K): rajinder21@hotmail.com – 07863352746

Waheguru ji ka khalsa ,Waheguru ji ki fateh!

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