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Lectures Of Sikhi


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Lectures Of Sikhi


We are 15% slaves to a routine, to habit. There are two types of habits: Promoting Habits and Demoting habits. Demoting habits makes you unhappy physically, mentally and spiritually. If you have habits which are promoting habits, you will end up as a liberated, divine person.

When you are acting under demoting habit, you are totally in the negative personality. It is also a fact that if you get into any one negative habit, you will automatically attract its four sister or brother habits, for they love to stay together. These five demoting habits of behaviour and attitude are : greed, anger, lust, attachment and negative ego [kam, krodh, lobh, moh, angkar]. Each habit is supported on two tripods - 1) Physical, Mental and Spiritual; and 2) Past, Present and Future.

There are two guiding instinct in a human, either improving or blocking his future improvement. If you are conscious of this, and have a honest and sincere urge to improve your future, you will always have promoting habits.


Hail And Heal The World

Sometimes we are so deep into the ego and the mess that our ugliness does not let us walk on the truthful path. We are betraying our own destiny day and night for emotions, feelings and ridiculous things which are absolutely not true. Guru's words remind us,

Palch palach sagalee muee jhuthey dhandeh moh.

In the mixture of this rap of racketeering the spirituality of the life, false things are beloved and the right things are ignored.

(Guru Arjan, pg 133)

Panth Khalsa has appeared. If you want to walk with it or not, is your option. Try talking your will and conflict's with God. You'll have a good time. I think sometimes misery loves people. People love misery. That relationship is everlasting.

We sit in the presence of the Guru and through the congregation, we try to elevate and educate ourselves. In this education lies the depth, the strength, the truth and Guru's blessing.

Jan Nanak dhoor mangay tis gursikh kee Jo aap japai avarah nam japaveh

Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of that Gursikh Who himself chants the Naam and inspires others to do so.

(Guru Ram Das pg 305)

In simple language, hail and heal the world. Guru Nanak wants the dust of the feet of that Gursikh.



People want to be happy. There is only one person who is happy, that is God. God's faculty is:

Dedda de laide thak paaeh

Jugaa jugantar khaahee khaaeh

Hukame hukam chalaae raahu

Nanak Vigasi veparvaahu

The Great Giver, untiring gives more and more and those who receive His gifts grow weary of receiving.

Through all the ages, God provides and man goes on consuming what He gives.

It is only by God's command that a man walks on His path.

O, Nanak, the Master is joyful and carefree.

(SGGS 2)

If you always remember this line you must understand what the source of happiness is. The source of happiness is in giving, not taking. Those who take shall never be happy. Those who give shall never be unhappy. If you having nothing else to give, give a smile. Just talk to somebody, just walk with them.

Paying attention is giving. Taking attention, drawing attention is taking. Learn to give.


Have Control Of The Mind

Mind does 2 things whenever you try to meditate on Waheguru. They call it the monkey game. It makes you to open the eyes and it makes you itch your body. When mind plays monkey game, tell it to shut up and keep going.

Mind doesn't want to loose its sovereignty over you, its possession over you. Mind wants you to surrender to it, rather than surrendering to you. You can fight a decisive battle. The scene is yours.

If you can subject the mind, you can subject the entire creative force of God. Victory over mind is victory over the universe.

When the eye lids are opened, they see very limited horizons, but in the closed eyes are unlimited horizons. Keep the spine straight and your mind will have no choice but to remain concentrated because the mind cannot control the central nerve, shushmuna. It is the will.

It is so itchy and painful when you confront your mind, you can't even believe it. Which ever pore the mind chooses, in that pore it will hurt. But remember, it will leave you. The moment you control your mind, breath will be subtle and light. You will penetrate into unseen horizons. There are gems and jewels and there is word of God. Keep seeking beyond these horizons and you will find it.

Use your will with the grace of Guru. Penetrate through the unknown skies, unknown horizons. The moment the individual controls the mind, the unknown becomes known to be seen. When the mind is given to the Guru, and the Guru will guide you, then the journey becomes painless. It is the mystery to be unfolded.

Its very safe to do. It is the world of the rainbow. Words are colours and fogures and it is a granth. Granth, gra - knot, each body will become a blanket as it is a knotted blanket.

Start making the journey. We have taken many births and deaths, moved from place to place to experience this. Your tongue can praise the Lord when you are filled with the glory of God in consciousness and grace. Your ears are given to hear the crystal song. When you become still, the universe moves around you.


"I" In The House Of Nanak

You may know it or not, but "I" is very important to you. What should be important to you is the One who gave you this "I".

You have two eyes. Do you know who gave them to you and with what purpose?

Eh netryo meryo tum meh jot dhare Har bin avar na dekhoo koee.

Oh, my eyes. See without God nothing else.

(Guru Amar Das, pg 922)

You have two ears.

Eh sravno meryo sachai sunnai no pathaaey.

Oh, my ears. You have been sent there to listen to nothing but truth.

(Guru Amar Das, pg 922)

"Pathaaey" means you have been commissioned.

Deh nimaani liveh baajo kiaa karey veychaareea.

This body, without soul. What is it worth?

(Guru Amar Das, pg 917)

Accept your master, the Creator. Have faith and trust. What happens to mankind? You worship man. Men worships men. You have turned God into statues. Your God is your spoken word, Shabad Guru. You are the disciple of the Shabad Guru.

For food, housing, for everything, you are just dancing to the tune of circumstances. How much can you insult your own soul? You measure yourself with dollars. You have money, you don't have money. You have clothes, you don't have clothes.

You need to have the relationship with the spirit. This purity, piety, grace, power of infinity, prosperity is in the humility of Nanak.

Jis no bakhse siphat salah, Nanak patshai patshah.

To whom You give the merits, Nanak, that is the King of the Kings.

(Guru Nanak pg 5)

Nanak's House is not a House of Beggars. It is a House of Givers. Learn to relate to your soul. Its all there.


I Or Thou

Man is worse than an animal. The highest species lives as the lowest and the meanest as far as the self- culture is concerned. Their ego is how many houses I have got, how many cars I have got, how beautifully dressed my wife is, how my children are, how much money I am making. If you talk to them, they talk to you exactly as a bazaar which has a shopping centre. Everything is on sale. "I am this, I am that, I, I, I, I." Hardly you will hear a word about God, or Thou.

Somebody once asked me, "Where is the soul?" I said, "Under your foot there's a sole." And don't crush anybody. Don't crush anybody's sentiment. Don't hurt anybody. Don't walk over anybody. Just learn a simple lesson: Be kind and your kindness should be real. You are not doing it because of commotion.

The concept of the Sikh is one who has learned to belong to the Will of God. And you may ask, "Where is the Will of God?" Will of God is in the very simple fact when you spread your consciousness, whether it is I or Thou.

You will become limited, you will become angry, you will become nasty, you will become commoner when you perceive to move with the concept of "I." "I want it." When "I" has a force in it, "Thou" has no place in it. And everybody passes away with "I,I,I," and never reaches the "Thou" and that loss is not mourned. That loss is not understood. The stupid person doesn't understand that all the most beautiful gift of time and space is given to him to realise his own soul... own relationship.

Learn to talk that it is God which is true, it is His Name and Identity which is True. Guru Nanak said, "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach."


It's Now!

Bodies are temporary, days are temporary, life is a monopoly game but the soul is infinite. That is what we have come to Earth to communicate and that is what sainthood is. When people start serving the soul which is everywhere and nowhere, they start becoming the soul.

If the hand of God has guided you on this path, complete it. A seeker of the Truth is called a Sikh, a student of God. Sikhism is a way of life. If you cannot live as a Sikh, you can die as a Sikh. That will be a very exalted way to quit the planet Earth.

Please try to understand that there is no problem with you. There is a problem only with your own ego. Your ego is stuck with fear and insecurity. Find it out and then release. Attach you ego to your soul, you'll be a radiant saint. It's the simplest way.

And remember, you can expect all miracles in the world but the greatest miracle that will happen to you, will be when you are elevated to the consciousness of the God within you.

Jis neech ko ko-ee naa janai Naam japat oh chaho kunt maanai.

O that mean, mean man, who sins and sins again and again, when he takes the Name of God, the four corners of the earth shall bow to him. (Guru Nanak 386)

These are the words which are now and forever. So please understand. Give yourself a chance. Take advantage of this time and space; perhaps it will not come back again.

Extracted and adapted from lectures of Yogi Bhajan, July 18, 1982

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