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Sant baba Karam Singh Ji kirpa on Muslim women


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source: tonight's nanaksar divan

Sant baba karam singh maharaj was doing atam updesh with the sangat near the neighbour an child of an muslim woman was abducted and taken to calcutta. Muslim mata ji came to sant ji to get some help. Sant ji replied, mata ji this is Guru Nanak Da Ghar and Guru Nanak Dev Ji apaie hi Bhala Karan Gaye. After saying, sant ji told mata ji to wait and Sant Ji went inside the room and told sevadars not to distrub him.

Sant Maharaj baba karam singh Hoti mardhan went in full samadhi. With his atamik bal(spiritual power) he was able to locate the young child. Kidnapper left him alone in the street...the young kid was wandering around in the streets. Sant baba karam singh ji with his rahooni taqat took a form of a man in the street. Then he approached the little young boy and asked him with pyaar. "Are you hungry?? Little young child responded, Yes i am. Please help me.

Man hugged him tight and bought food for him and said lets go home, your mata ji is very anxious and waiting for you.

Man somehow got the child back to his mother. Mata ji was very happy and then next day, mata ji went to Hotimardan with his child. When a little young boy saw baba ji..he was very suprised and told his mother. This man is the same man who saved me and bought me food.

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