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Sant baba Isher Singh Nanaksarwaley kirpa on this premi


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source: nanaksar divan tonight.

There was this singh(premi) used to come in Nanaksar to listen to baba isher singh ji nanaksarvaley divans.

Baba Ji said, rab daie pyare/devotee's of god can be two places (present in this world and sachkhand) in one time in his katha. This premi singh had a phorna(thought) in his mind that how can this be possible.

Katha was finished but this thought(phorna) keep increasing in this singh mind...eventually he died from it. Since this singh didn't do any good deeds. Yamdoots was taking him to dharam raja..while they were taking him. He saw baba isher singh ji nanaksarvaley in the sachkhand. He wanted to meet baba ji..baba ji came out with his shakti and said "aagya premiya". He replied , "haan ji maharaj". Baba Ji , you don't need to go anywhere now...yamdoot ran off....because he couldn't take tej pratap of baba ji bhagti. Baba ji asked the premi singh, do you have a children and wife. If you want you can still go back to this world since your body is not cremated yet. This singh replied, kirpa karo ji. Baba Ji send him back to this earth.

Singh came back to this earth and went to nanaksar next day. He saw "sant baba isher singh ji" and was shocked. Sant baba isher singh ji asked him with an smile...hun ta premiya aken aa..tenu pratical dekha ditta...and said now you are jevan mukht(liberated). If you want to leave your body ...you should take ishnan and go straight to "Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji" and do ardas and after doing ardas..leave your body...you will come back to sachkhand...!

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