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Baba Ishar Singh Ji Nanaksar wale and 500 shaheed singhs !!


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In 1962 , there was a war between India and China . China wanted to occupy some parts of the India including Jammu and Kashmir . And if not for Baba Ji , chinese army may have reached upto the states of haryana , and himachalpradesh in India .

The stupid prime minister of India ( Jawaharlal nehru ) stopped all the factories that were manufacturing ammunition and guns . And India was less advanced in this field of war equipments . Nehru went on with his peace making stuff , but the chinese betrayed and waged a war against India . Obviously , given the poor technology of India as compared to China's , India was bound to lose . Although , china was successful in occupying a very little part of Kashmir , it was stopped there . it couldn't proceed further . Now the reason for that is as following :

Most of the sikhs who were sent to the front were mainly sikhs . some of the generals and sikhs used to come to baba ji. Baba Ji used to distribute gutkes of panj baanian and say that nitnem is everything .

Now when soldiers were fighting with their rusted guns , their rifles got jammed . they didn't fire . so they had to fight hand on hand . And then many people or soldiers , saw a sant with a white chola and a khanda in his hand fighting against the enemy with a speed unimaginable and the attacks looked like lightning strikes . Baba ji's sangees were sure that it was baba ji helping them .

And the 500 shaheed singhs ( dehdhari )of Guru Gobind Singh Ji also assisted Baba Ji . These were those singhs who were sent by Guru Ji to Mansarovar to do very hard Tapasya .

And thus this way Baba Ji saved India from this catastrophe . Otherwise who knows what t was going to happen .

Sant Ishar Singh Ji Nanaksar Wale were not only a brahmgyani but also a great warrior . Who knows how many times did he save the world and other people in trouble ?

I have heard a lot of sakhis about Him helping people and saving the universe , but don't remember them exactly .

once a sikh presented a very beautiful " Naagni " to baba ji ( similar to the one used by bhai bachittar singh ji in killing the elephant ). Baba ji stiked the ground with this barcha , and a tiny cyclone erupted from the ground which went on killing about 1 man and doing a very littlle damage . people wondered how much damage it may have caused if it was very big . but fortunately they were saved by baba ji .

brahmgyani ki gat brahngyani jaane ....

wjkk wjkf

bhul chul maaf ....

sat naam sri waheguru...

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