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Mkhalsa Ji please read this!!!!!!!!!


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source : http://blog.mkhalsa.com/2005/01/in-regards...-awareness.html

Sometimes, I post things on here that I have posted on forums, just because I want to keep a record of it around somewhere. Here is a post I just put on tapoban forum:

sorry veer jee, I dont go places where nobody cares if guru sahibs nindya is being done. This is something a responsible GURSIKH moderator would stop. Free speech is only free when it is RESPONSIBLE. This is a lesson of freedom: responsibility. If someone freely and openly is a nindak of guru sahib and someone else has the power to stop it and doesn't, that person is just as guilty (ie the site and its moderators).

Why should I visit this site? these people with their "open minds" and "free speech" have no idea what an open mind and free speech really is about. All they want to do is denounce gursikhi and gurmat--this is the mark of those who have no idea of the pleasures of naam, "open-mindedness."

forgive me for being so blunt.

Mkhalsa Jee,

You're more than welcome to join yahoo conference tomorrow and let us know your views in open. We have open mind also we keep freedom of speech on our site which gives our members an access to catch culprits and find out their faults.

Please join us at yahoo conference and feel free to add your thoughts but online defamation will not provide any solution to misunderstanding which you have about our site and members.

I hope you will sort it out in civilized manners at the end you are amritdhari Singh not any wannabe gangster.

Best Wishes!

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As i said before in other thread:

" jithaie Guru Maharaj di sakhiya, mahapursha di sakhiya, naam simran di jugitiya galan/vichar, Gurbani da vichar- different interpertations, Karam-Upashana-Gyan varaie vichar hundaie neh" ataie Sampardhava di gallan huandiya han" and sikh chh diversity di galan huandi neh... uhna nuoo tusi N A NG AWARENESS akhadaie hoo...tuhada dimaag hagaie kai gaa(cow) da gobar aa :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Actually, hai user from tapoban pretty much summed it up quite well. We don't need him(mkhalsa) to clarify anything now yet challenge is still open if he wants to prove his claims. It's obvious, he is *another* self pro-claimed Amrit-dhari/katarpanthi "Khalsa" want to see sikhi from his narrow-minded box with his same attitude. People as such, end up no-where...they get up amrit-vela to do patt yet all day they cuss - people/sites/organization who don't follow their maryada.

source: http://www.tapoban.org/phorum/read.php?f=1...372&t=25372

Mkhalsa Ji,

Get over yourself, a discussion forum is somewhere people go to discuss things (shock horror). Now if a site is letting people discuss things its wrong? If person A makes a point which is wrong then no one is stopping anyone from disputing it and proving the person wrong. And just so you know, its person A's views in that post and not those of the site (I'm sure that makes sense to you).

Sorry but I'd rather have issues bought up and disputed rather than living in a world were we all pretend these issues do not exist and bury so called 'controversial issues'. Unless these things are discussed, how are we meant to know what’s right and what’s wrong? Do you really think that if someone writes something it’s to be believed as the truth? If you do then you must think we as Sikhs naive which believe me we are not. Also I’m sure you have come across this saying ‘there’s always a few bad apples in a basket’, now if there have been some posts/topics that YOU believe are false then that’s life, I can bet my bottom dollar that everyone who has ever visited any discussion forum will have come across topics that will not agree with and find unacceptable so why the burning hatred against one platform in particular?

Not everyone agrees with stuff posted on this forum or other Sikh forums but that does not mean you undermine all the work being done by the people behind it. Even though you may not agree there’s a lot to be learnt and taken from all forums INCLUDING SA.com. If you actually bothered to look you'd find there’s more to SA.com than you could imagine but like that saying goes, 'ignorance is bliss'.

I don’t really want to read another venom filled response from you (if negativity is all you have then keep it to yourself), just have a think about what’s been written and if you don’t care then stick your head back in the sand and let the people who actually visit the site decide how good or bad it really is.

Live and let live.

God bless and apologies for any offence my words cause.

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