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Jins and Ghosts in Sikhi


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Hey all.. i have a question 4 u guys... me not being very knowledgable about this subject... so i need sum help

I was chattin 2 a close muslim mate of mine yestaday... and she mentioned jin's 2 me. i'd herd d wrd b4 but wasnt sure what they were and she explained... she's not very religious so she didnt give me a proper description but enough 2 get me curious... but den we went 2 talk bout other scary stuff... hahaha... freeked me out dat day.. kept lookin over my shoulder ...

Then later on dat day.... i was speakin 2 a uni friend of mine on msn and asked him about jins... he's more religious and gave me a more in depth description over the fone... and told me bout sum 1st hand experience dat he had... kinda freeky

But my mian question is... do sikhs believe in jin's or sumthing similar... and what r their views on ghosts and the supernatural?


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Jins and Ghosts, i'll give you a simple answer, yes they do exist, Guru Granth sahib even metnions that being a Ghost is a Joon, meaning a life phase as you are alive in a human forum and then an Animal body, so you take life on as a Ghost according to your Karms.

As for Jin, Simple Answer yes they do exist, and for thier place in a Sikhs life, well there is none. In Sikhi it is not neccesary to direct yourself in to the realms of other existences or entities. It is a very Simple and Straight forward path. If on the path you become aware of their existence then so be it, but your efforts should focus on the path laid before you by the Guru.

If you wish to posses a Jin or know of thier Existence then it is most certainly possible. But then it will be a distraction to you from the real purpose of your time here.

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Hey Guest, that link is good.. altho i wanted more of a sikh attitude towards jins, coz apparently there are things similar to jins in sikhi.

For Sukhi.. apparently, according to Islam, jinns are spirits that have no physcal form (pure energy) that live in a dimension close to ours. from wot iv bin told they have the ability to cross over to this dimension whenever they choose and can take the form of anything.. even posess humans etc.. so in those terms they arnt ghosts.. infact... from wot iv bin told, muslims dont believe in ghost, only jinns... etc etc

On those terms i fink there is a clear distinction between the two.. but what i wanted 2 no is if sikhs believe in one or the other or both or none lol

sorry, just a topic of convo dat me any my friends have bin on for the last few weeks

thanks for the replies

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