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Welcome to the new section

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I welcome this section. I am so happy to know that this section will be moderated by Amrit Bha ji.

I have a little suggestion. The members should be allowed to ask their questions in this section regarding Sikh Gurus' history. Amrit Bha ji is already doing this on his website www.amritworld.com . Here too we need such option in this section.

once again I welcome this new section.

Paramjit Singh Mintu.

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Veer Amritpal Singh Jee,

Gur Fateh Parvaan Hove!

Please could you address the following point concerning Guru Gobind Singh and the episode at Naina Devi mountain. Many scholars of the late 18th and 19th century have alluded to Guru Sahib appropriating the Devi Durga prior to Vaisaikhi and formal inaugaration of the Khalsa.

Modern day scholars have tried to disprove this assertion and whilst some like Professor Madanjit Kaur have made credible comments, the vast majority appear to have taken the matter as far as questioning the writings of Guru Sahib, in particular the Chandi Charitrs and Var Sri Durga Ki (the basis of the Ardas) and more recently the Kabhio Bach Benti Chaupai with its references to Asidhuj and Asipan.

My personal thoughts on the matter relate to the understanding of the term 'Bhagautee' used by Guru Sahib which has over the course of time led to the above rising. Indeed as Macleod correctly states, 'it is not the question that the worship of the Devi Durga plays a part within Sikhi or not, the fact is that the Khalsa of the late 18th and early 19th century certainly believed in her integral role and power'.

What are your thoughts on this from a historical perspective, did Guru Sahib indeed perform a havan (following on from the incidence with the devious brahmins, who accordingly to modern day accounts later fled the scene) and more importantly did Guru Sahib appropriate the Devi on this occasion?

Gur Fateh!


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Dear Veer Niranjana Ji,

Welcome to the section.

I appreciate your question. I think it is a very important episode given in most of our 'Puraatan' (old) books. So, we cannot avoid to discuss such a point.

Before, we start discussion, I would suggest you to post your this message in a new thread, giving a suitable title, so that other members could get idea that we are discussing this matter in this section.

Thank you.

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