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Sikh student detained by Secret Service

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old news now... but first i've heard of it...

Sikh student detained by Secret Service

A Boston College student leader who wears a turban and full beard in accord with his Sikh religion says he was detained and interrogated for seven hours Saturday night by Secret Service agents for doing nothing more than taking photographs of the campus.

Sundeep Sahni, a senior with a double major in computer science and finance, said the Secret Service agents, who were staying on campus during the Democratic National Convention, suggested that he was a criminal, searched him and his car for weapons and bombs, and even had him sign a release form during the ordeal that gave them access to his psychiatric records.

More examples of racial profiling! Hmmm, has anyone checked into Mr. Bush's background?

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People always fear what is different...

White people do crazy shit all the time, but no one in America is afraid of them...

They just see a brown guy they are scared, even more so if a turban and beard is involved...just ignorance.

After Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City building, white men fitting his "profile" were not stopped...or the abortion clinic bombers: most are conservative christians...I don't see profiling there...or what about kkk, lol that should be an easy profile...white hicks that admin cut their sisters..lol...so sad people are so ignorant..

ps all 9/11 hijackers looked western...none had beards or turbans, and all wore western clothes...just think about that...

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