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Guru ki pyari saji nwaji cyber sangat, das valo parwan karo pyar bhari sat sri akaaaal, Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

I have a question about Simran.....

i was just doing Simran and was really enjoying it so much...so much that i began to shake? I shivered but i was not cold? As i type i still have the shivers but to a lesser extent....at the time i was wearing 2 HOODED tops so i def was not cold n besides u knw wen u cold this was different....

Am i just weird or does any 1 else wanna share/explain/answer y i was shaking?



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that's a very good sign ji... all of us feel like that in starting stages...keep it up ...read all the post in our mediation section you be suprised how much power naam simran has... it's full of ectascy :) :)

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wow, be gratefull for the experience. Waheguru, Waheguru....I can't say it enought, be thankfull for the experience. It will be a turning point in this life for you.

I do not have much details on this, but i can tell you as much as i know. It has to do with our Chakra or kundalini rising, as our energy begin to flow thru them a reaction occurs which is sometimes physically noticble. Such as the Trembling in your body. So no worries, but be thankfull for such a gift. I have known 2 people who have had the same experiences as you. It is a very good sign that you are heading on the right path. :)Waheguru...waheguru

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Here is the interpretation of "Yoga of light," a translation of the ancient "Hatha Yoga Pradipika," [b2] the Sanscrit text definition of Kundalini:

"The latent force of higher potential, said to lie in three and one-half coils, like the snake in the churning of the ocean of milk, sleeping at the lowest center (muladhara chakra) at the foot of the 'tree of life,' the spinal column. This serpent power, Kundalini, cannot be described fully, even by one who has succeeded in awakening it. When it awakens, it shoots through the body like an electric shock, and trembling and amazed, the person realizes that a powerful event has taken place within him. This is only the beginning. The whole body trembles. A door seems to have been pushed open through which a flood of light flows from some unknown world, a light of incomparable radiance. After a long time the trembling body becomes calm, but the flash of light shooting through the spinal column to the crown of the head is unforgettable. This flash of light is not really the Kundalini, however, it is merely a sign of its awakening. The Kundalini itself does not shoot up, but will later rise slowly, passing through the stations (the chakras), each of which creates another new and powerful experience."

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Gurfateh penji

thank u for the information.....I FEEL BLESSED TO HAVE FELT SUCH AN EXPERIENCE THANK U WAHEGURU JI..may u bestow this wonderful exp on evry1....

that definition is a perfect match...the trembling did calm down but very slowly...annd jus remembering the expereince i am getting short of breath...

i slept last nite with my head covered becuase it felt so sore (i dnt knw if im making ne sense) it was something that if i uncovered my head i would loose the most warmest sensation through my body...so i kept my head covered...touching my face it was so warm..and so were my hands (i have the coldest hands ever!!) wat a magical experience :)

Waheguru is all i can say...hamesha rakhi apni charna deh kol...satgur sacheh paathsaah...WAHEGURU WAHEGURU

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