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rebirth theory..

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I was readin a book and the author was talkin about the experience of love. He said when u fall in love, u totally change and in a way the old person is lost and a new person emerges (when the experience is TOTAL), he said this is rebirth (twice born).

Just thinkin..maybe the references to reincarnation or rebirth in bani means taking a new birth (spiritually)..I dunno, this is what happens when I have a day off, lol. Any thoughts?

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Dream persona's are also different "births".Day dream persona's too.

There was once a king who was visited by a magician.The magician performed a trick.He waved a colourful feather infront of the kings face.The king became hypnotised by this feather and fell into a different state of existence.In that state he experienced a member of the royal court offer him a horse.He got on the horse and rode away to a far off land.In that land he came across a low caste (chandal) woman who was carrying food and water.The king was very hungry and asked the woman for some food.She refused to give him food because he was a king and she was a low caste chandal.The king pleaded for some food.She said:

"Okay, I will give you food only if you marry me."

The king agreed.He had to marry her and live within the chandal society.Soon he too became a chandal.He lived as they did, ate what they ate.He had children.One day there came a great famine to that land and the once king's children pleaded for meat to eat.But he could find no meat for his children.Eventually due to great attachment to his children he decided that he would jump into a fire so his children could eat his flesh.His children eagerly agreed.

They built the fire and he jumped in.He was in great agony.His body was shaking and having fits of agony.Suddenly he came to, back at his royal court.It was all a dream.None of it was real.

This is a story I read in the Yoga Vasishta.I have typed it above in a very cut down version.The thing is that the king experienced a whole life time in just a few minutes.

And there I'll have to love you and leave you....

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