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Gurdwara paathi held with banned intoxicant

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Gurdwara paathi held with banned intoxicant

Sunday 27th March, 2005

Ajaib Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff

New Delhi (KP) - The police today have arrested a paathi from Gurdwara Rakab Ganj for possessing poppy husk. Tara Singh, the accused has been booked under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. He was nabbed by the police after they received a tip-off that he was carrying the banned intoxicant in his trunk.

The police stated that they had made several secret visits to historical gurdwaras in the Capital to probe informal complaints of drug-dealing among junior-level staff and they added that the poppy husk supplied in Delhi generally originates from Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Ajaib Singh can be reached at ajaib.singh@panthic.org.

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This kinda patthis need to get their head shaved and put on donkey ..get their moo kala with mala of shoes around their neck should be shown around whole village.

aie aie old school budda dal punishment :LOL: :lol:

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i have to kind of agree with the above. whats the difference between having opium and say for example cannabis which is used by certain sects within gurudwaras. i do think it is wrong but in the big scheme of things its no different to having bhang, double standards perhaps?

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