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Consuming thoughts while meditating

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from chopra.com forum:


I find lately that when I settle down to meditate my thoughts can completely consume me. I can introduce the mantra and minutes will have pa*sed, in fact nearly the entire session will have pa*sed, before I remember to re-introduce it after I have been led away in my thoughts. These thoughts are very vivid and will tense up my physiology too, i.e. if I pay attention to my body I can relax my midrift, or leg or arm etc. I try to be innocent about the whole thing and have the intention to let the my thoughts come-and-go, not paying attention to them, one-way or the other but these gentle pre-meditation affirmations don't work as I am constantly swept away on the churning ocean of my thoughts. Any advice would be appreciated.


When our meditations are dominated by a constant stream of thoughts, then that means that the process of clearing away the old conditioning of the mind is what is most important at that time. That releasing phase of meditation may not feel like the pleasant and deep experience of silence that we hoped for, but it is every bit as valuable for our growth. Once meditation is started, we put ourselves in the hands of cosmic intelligence, and so whatever our experiences are, that is exactly what is necessary for our evolution right then. Our ego personality may have its preferences, but it does not know better than our Higher Self what is most appropriate for us. So just continue as you have been with your meditation and let go of any preconceptions on how your meditation has to go. If you start your mantra and then get swept away by thoughts for the next 30 minutes, then think “fine, that must have been what I needed.†Those clearing meditations are preparing the way for much deeper and more open experiences in the future.



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hmmm... a really smart aunty ji once said the same to me. basically you're not supposed to engage in those thoughts, in either trying to fight them off or to actively think about it, but rather go with the flow (and pray like hell that you'll get back to doin what's important {simran} soon).

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this si wat u do

sit down

just cooncentrate about ont he actual bani and the simran vaheguru

dont worry bout chakkras or anything else

do people evenknow y yogis turned out to be nothing and reached high levels but cudnt make the point that atucally mattered?

thas all u need

sit down and read ure bani and do vaheguru

beomce vaparvahoo

everything will reveal itself

just concentrate on the bania and simran

as best as u can

slowly ure mind will stop bothering u

this will take time

bhula chuka maf

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