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The "Guru Kirpa" shabad


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Sath Shri Akal

i've seen a program on "vectone punbab" a few times named"Guru Kirpa"...

at the commercials and introduction to the show there is a shabad playing..

where can i find/download this shabad?

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh

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Unfortunately the following doesn’t work at the moment

However, when they sort it out, you'll probably find the shabad under kirtan > Bhai Niranjan Singh Jwadeekala section.

I scarcely remember watching a bit of the programme a week or two ago and recall that the shabad was sung by Bhai Niranjan Singh Jwadeekala and started with “Lal Rangeelay Preetum Manmohanâ€

If you’ve got DC++ log onto the kirtan hub and you’ll most probably find the shabad amongst a wide variety of others which users share..

Hope that helps


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