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Pic of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindravaley with muslim premi!


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many see baba jarnail singh bhindrawala as a rogue in indian history.

Most of this is due to people being partial etc. due to the change in the political climate of punjab at that time. If you hear what bhindrawala was against, it was simply the fact that the government was muddling up religious systems and creating new ones to weaken the existing ones.

He was first with the government and then stepped away, of course he was going to be seen as anti-hindu or anti-muslim etc.. but one thing interesting to note is that he was learned in the koran sharif. My source of this information is Dr. cynthia mahmood ( a non indian, non sikh source).

It is good this picture is up, only to show a facet of reality that wasn't as readily available earlier. Whether this was politically motivated or not, I am not too sure, but this exemplifies the human acceptance that sikhs and sikhism has exemplified over the last 500 years.

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