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A message to Muslims., From Guru Arjan Sahib


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I am taking 2 posts from sikhsangat. one the actual bani, and secondly, the response by a member of the forum....this is the type of acceptance guruji wanted us to AT LEAST practice....well everything except the "we shouldn't support them"...in essence, they are practicing their guru's hukam (as per our thought)...so why shouldn't we support them???..

maaroo mehalaa 5 ||

Maaroo, Fifth Mehl:

Alh Agm KudweI bMdy ]

aleh agam khudhaaee ba(n)dhae ||

O slave of the inaccessible Lord God Allah,

Coif iKAwl dunIAw ky DMDy ]

shhodd khiaal dhuneeaa kae dhha(n)dhhae ||

forsake thoughts of worldly entanglements.

hoie pY Kwk PkIr muswPru iehu drvysu kbUlu drw ]1]

hoe pai khaak fakeer musaafar eihu dharavaes kabool dharaa ||1||

Become the dust of the feet of the humble fakeers, and consider yourself a traveller on this journey. O saintly dervish, you shall be approved in the Court of the Lord. ||1||

scu invwj XkIn muslw ]

sach nivaaj yakeen musalaa ||

Let Truth be your prayer, and faith your prayer-mat.

mnsw mwir invwirhu Awsw ]

manasaa maar nivaarihu aasaa ||

Subdue your desires, and overcome your hopes.

dyh msIiq mnu maulwxw klm KudweI pwku Krw ]2]

dhaeh maseeth man moulaanaa kalam khudhaaee paak kharaa ||2||

Let your body be the mosque, and your mind the priest. Let true purity be God's Word for you. ||2||

srw srIAiq ly kMmwvhu ]

saraa sareeath lae ka(n)maavahu ||

Let your practice be to live the spiritual life.

qrIkiq qrk Koij tolwvhu ]

thareekath tharak khoj ttolaavahu ||

Let your spiritual cleansing be to renounce the world and seek God.

mwrPiq mnu mwrhu Abdwlw imlhu hkIkiq ijqu iPir n mrw ]3]

maarafath man maarahu abadhaalaa milahu hakeekath jith fir n maraa ||3||

Let control of the mind be your spiritual wisdom, O holy man; meeting with God, you shall never die again. ||3||

kurwxu kqyb idl mwih kmwhI ]

kuraan kathaeb dhil maahi kamaahee ||

Practice within your heart the teachings of the Koran and the Bible;

ds Aaurwq rKhu bd rwhI ]

dhas aouraath rakhahu badh raahee ||

restrain the ten sensory organs from straying into evil.

pMc mrd isdik ly bwDhu KYir sbUrI kbUl prw ]4]

pa(n)ch maradh sidhak lae baadhhahu khair sabooree kabool paraa ||4||

Tie up the five demons of desire with faith, charity and contentment, and you shall be acceptable. ||4||

mkw imhr rojw pY Kwkw ]

makaa mihar rojaa pai khaakaa ||

Let compassion be your Mecca, and the dust of the feet of the holy your fast.

iBsqu pIr lPj kmwie AMdwjw ]

bhisath peer lafaj kamaae a(n)dhaajaa ||

Let Paradise be your practice of the Prophet's Word.

hUr nUr musku KudwieAw bMdgI Alh Awlw hujrw ]5]

hoor noor musak khudhaaeiaa ba(n)dhagee aleh aalaa hujaraa ||5||

God is the beauty, the light and the fragrance. Meditation on Allah is the secluded meditation chamber. ||5||

scu kmwvY soeI kwjI ]

sach kamaavai soee kaajee ||

He alone is a Qazi, who practices the Truth.

jo idlu soDY soeI hwjI ]

jo dhil sodhhai soee haajee ||

He alone is a Haji, a pilgrim to Mecca, who purifies his heart.

so mulw mlaUn invwrY so drvysu ijsu isPiq Drw ]6]

so mulaa maloon nivaarai so dharavaes jis sifath dhharaa ||6||

He alone is a Mullah, who banishes evil; he alone is a saintly dervish, who takes the Support of the Lord's Praise. ||6||

sBy vKq sBy kir vylw ] Kwlku Xwid idlY mih maulw ]

sabhae vakhath sabhae kar vaelaa || khaalak yaadh dhilai mehi moulaa ||

Always, at every moment, remember God, the Creator within your heart.

qsbI Xwid krhu ds mrdnu suMniq sIlu bMDwin brw ]7]

thasabee yaadh karahu dhas maradhan su(n)nath seel ba(n)dhhaan baraa ||7||

Let your meditation beads be the subjugation of the ten senses. Let good conduct and self-restraint be your circumcision. ||7||

idl mih jwnhu sB iPlhwlw ]

dhil mehi jaanahu sabh filehaalaa ||

You must know in your heart that everything is temporary.

iKlKwnw ibrwdr hmU jMjwlw ]

khilakhaanaa biraadhar hamoo ja(n)jaalaa ||

Family, household and siblings are all entanglements.

mIr mlk aumry PwnwieAw eyk mukwm Kudwie drw ]8]

meer malak oumarae faanaaeiaa eaek mukaam khudhaae dharaa ||8||

Kings, rulers and nobles are mortal and transitory; only God's Gate is the permanent place. ||8||

Avil isPiq dUjI swbUrI ]

aval sifath dhoojee saabooree ||

First, is the Lord's Praise; second, contentment;

qIjY hlymI cauQY KYrI ]

theejai halaemee chouthhai khairee ||

third, humility, and fourth, giving to charities.

pMjvY pMjy iekqu mukwmY eyih pMij vKq qyry Aprprw ]9]

pa(n)javai pa(n)jae eikath mukaamai eaehi pa(n)j vakhath thaerae aparaparaa ||9||

Fifth is to hold one's desires in restraint. These are the five most sublime daily prayers. ||9||

sglI jwin krhu maudIPw ]

sagalee jaan karahu moudheefaa ||

Let your daily worship be the knowledge that God is everywhere.

bd Aml Coif krhu hiQ kUjw ]

badh amal shhodd karahu hathh koojaa ||

Let renunciation of evil actions be the water-jug you carry.

Kudwie eyku buiJ dyvhu bWgW burgU brKurdwr Krw ]10]

khudhaae eaek bujh dhaevahu baa(n)gaa(n) buragoo barakhuradhaar kharaa ||10||

Let realization of the One Lord God be your call to prayer; be a good child of God - let this be your trumpet. ||10||

hku hlwlu bKorhu Kwxw ]

hak halaal bakhorahu khaanaa ||

Let what is earned righteously be your blessed food.

idl drIAwau Dovhu mYlwxw ]

dhil dhareeaao dhhovahu mailaanaa ||

Wash away pollution with the river of your heart.

pIru pCwxY iBsqI soeI AjrweIlu n doj Trw ]11]

peer pashhaanai bhisathee soee ajaraaeel n dhoj t(h)araa ||11||

One who realizes the Prophet attains heaven. Azraa-eel, the Messenger of Death, does not cast him into hell. ||11||

kwieAw ikrdwr Aaurq XkInw ]

kaaeiaa kiradhaar aourath yakeenaa ||

Let good deeds be your body, and faith your bride.

rMg qmwsy mwix hkInw ]

ra(n)g thamaasae maan hakeenaa ||

Play and enjoy the Lord's love and delight.

nwpwk pwku kir hdUir hdIsw swbq sUriq dsqwr isrw ]12]

naapaak paak kar hadhoor hadheesaa saabath soorath dhasathaar siraa ||12||

Purify what is impure, and let the Lord's Presence be your religious tradition. Let your total awareness be the turban on your head. ||12||

muslmwxu mom idil hovY ]

musalamaan mom dhil hovai ||

To be Muslim is to be kind-hearted,

AMqr kI mlu idl qy DovY ]

a(n)thar kee mal dhil thae dhhovai ||

and wash away pollution from within the heart.

dunIAw rMg n AwvY nyVY ijau kusm pwtu iGau pwku hrw ]13]

dhuneeaa ra(n)g n aavai naerrai jio kusam paatt ghio paak haraa ||13||

He does not even approach worldly pleasures; he is pure, like flowers, silk, ghee and the deer-skin. ||13||

jw kau imhr imhr imhrvwnw ]

jaa ko mihar mihar miharavaanaa ||

One who is blessed with the mercy and compassion of the Merciful Lord,

soeI mrdu mrdu mrdwnw ]

soee maradh maradh maradhaanaa ||

is the manliest man among men.

soeI syKu mswieku hwjI so bMdw ijsu njir nrw ]14]

soee saekh masaaeik haajee so ba(n)dhaa jis najar naraa ||14||

He alone is a Shaykh, a preacher, a Haji, and he alone is God's slave, who is blessed with God's Grace. ||14||

kudriq kwdr krx krImw ]

kudharath kaadhar karan kareemaa ||

The Creator Lord has Creative Power; the Merciful Lord has Mercy.

isPiq muhbiq AQwh rhImw ]

sifath muhabath athhaah reheemaa ||

The Praises and the Love of the Merciful Lord are unfathomable.

hku hukmu scu KudwieAw buiJ nwnk bMid Klws qrw ]15]3]12]

hak hukam sach khudhaaeiaa bujh naanak ba(n)dh khalaas tharaa ||15||3||12||

Realize the True Hukam, the Command of the Lord, O Nanak; you shall be released from bondage, and carried across. ||15||3||12||


That like all others is an amazing Shabad....

Nowhere does Guru Ji hate or dislike Musalmaan...instead Guru Ji helps them in understanding their religion...

Instead, so much of todays youth 'hates' Muslims, we should learn from Guru Ji and understand them not nesseccarily support them or become Muslims ourselves... but learn to love every religion of God.

There may be some fanatical so called Islamic groups who go around forcefully converting people...those people i say they are not Muslims. Guru Ji has shown us what a true Muslim should be and believe me there are some and are so devoted to God, that i respect them so much.

But do not forget, it is all of us who have these problems and go against God's wishes, as so much Bani says.

Lets keep trying hard to keep our hearts pure and our minds focussed on Akal Purukh.

If we can do that then we can conquer anything.

Bhul Chuk Maaf!


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