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Hidden Gems of Darbar Sahib


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Whenever I visit Amritsar - no matter how long for- there is never enough time to see everything - This is a mixture of so much to see , Who accompanies you (never go with my Massar Ji -he is a communist so has little interest in religious things and also he can't go 2 hours without being fed so as soon as you get there - he will start grumbling that he wants to go to The Bhravan da Dhaba for Lacchedar Parauthe !) - and the biggest factor - the fact that as soon as you walk down the steps onto the parikarma you are transported to a 'different place' and all you want to do is have a darshan of Guru Sahib - all other things just leave your mind.

I have a cousin who goes to Darbar Sahib at least 3 times a year - yet he told me he has never been up to the upper levels(shish mahal and roof pavillion) of the Darbar Sahib. I know lots of people like that - even if they have done some research before they go -all of that goes out the window when you get there and are overwhelmed with 'Sharda'

Here are some pictures of some of the hidden gems at Darbar Sahib that sometimes people - me included - miss or they get overlooked.

If you have any examples post them too !!

The Takht-e-Taus Ramgarhia Bunga


This stone slab is located in the Ramgarhia Bunga - It was brought from Delhi when Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, Jassa Singh Ahluwahlia , Baghel Singh and the Khalsa Army Took over Delhi in 1783- the Slab was part of the Mughal Throne in the Red Fort - where the Emperor was crowned - It is amazing that from that throne the orders to behead Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib were made and within a few decades the Khalsa had taken the throne !

The Chhatar given by Maharaja Ranjit Singh

This Chhatar topped with a peacock made of one piece of sapphire with a pearl mala in its mouth - is part of the Jalao kept in the Toshkhana in the darshani Deori it is only shown to the Sangat 5 times a year on Gurpurbs


*taken from The Golden Temple - Mohinder Singh UBSPD 2002 pg 75

The Sun Dial

This sun dial is on the walkway to the Harmandir- it is situated after the 5th lamp post on the left side as you face the Harimandir. - It was built by Lehna Singh Majitha in 1852 (ref Sikh Architecture -P S Arshi 1986 pg102)

For some reason I find this fascinating !


The Lamp in the Harimandir

I couldn't find much about this lamp - It is beautiful with Lion heads where the flame comes from - I remember hearing that phosphorous was used to light the lamp - it is hard to spot hidden away on the right hand side as you enter - in the photo it is covered - as electricity was only introduced into the Harimandir in 1930 I guess it must of produced quite a bit of light.This always reminds me of the Sikhs who risked their lifes to have a darshan of Darbar Sahib and keep the Jot alight - during Hard times .

In the second pic you can see the lamp in Carpenter's watercolour of 1854 it on the far left.



* Both pics taken from The Golden Temple - Patwant Singh 1988

Some Photos of the Upper Storey




And Lastly The Roti Machine in the Langar !!!


Hope you enjoy the Pics - If you have any interesting pics - Please post them !!!

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