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Stereoviews of Amritsar


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Stereoviews were popular from the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s - they were the 'Discovery' channel of their day - giving people a chance - with the use of a special viewer - to see 3D images of far distant lands.

I found these images on the net a couple of years ago - I have since forgotten the site (Sorry!) - I have seen similar stereoviews on eBay - made by Underwood & Underwood dated around 1905. These images do not have the card borders or description - I have some of those type - though they have copyrights and watermarks on them (*Note to Admin can I post them here - or will you get in trouble ??) -

These images are rare and absolutely fascinating -


View of Harmandir Sahib - Note the 2 Akalis in the foreground, the lack of barriers, and the dome on the Ramgarhia Minar , which date the picture as being before the earthquake of 1905.


View from Harmandir of causeway and Darshani Deori



The courtyard between the Akal Takht and Harmandir Sahib - note another older Akali - and the Miri Piri Nishan Sahibs.


I have seen this on ebay - described as Amritsar schoolboys in 1908 - Look at all those turbans ! - you can see the Akal Takht in the distance.


These appear to be 'sadhus' - though I'm guessing that from the central figure's 'fakir's crutch' .


The lack of a dome on the Ramgarhia minar dates this as after 1905 - note the boy's smart jacket and turban


An Amritsari Street scene . - The boy on the left appears to be wearing a 'Fez' type hat

I told you they were Fascinating !!

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Challenge_Everything as you've mentioned the 'men in orange cloaks' that reminds me of another Photograph - This one was taken by William Henry Baker in the 1870s - If you look at the third lampost on both sides there appear to be a cluster of men wearing what appears to be a uniform holding some sort of staff / weapon , there is also one by the entrance to the Harmandir - Could these be the 1870s equivilent of the 'men in orange cloaks' ?

Perhaps Amandeep Bhai Sahib could comment - I'm sure I've read somewhere him commenting on this photograph .

CE you're so right the walkway looks so much better without the central and side barriers - also the newer wider 'pradakshina' parikarma - that juts out diagonally is not very aesthetically pleasing - in this photo you can see that originally the 'pradakshina' parikarma echoed the shape of the Harimandir ie. it was rectangular - not the triangle on a rectangle shape it is today . - before I sound too Victor Meldrew-esque I guess the huge number of Sangat warrants the barriers and wider access !

** another note have you noticed that in the stereoviews, above, the marble parikarma looks quite muddy and dusty in parts - compared with today where it is always spotlessly clean and sparkling - or am I just seeing things ?


As it is today - note the modified wider 'triangle' pradakshina


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