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Hazoor Sahib under threat!!!


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slightly hysterical subject title but...

I just read the announcement that Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha are planning on restoring Sachkhand Hazoor Sahib. Considering the mess they made of the last job, this is the time for the sangat here to start plying them with emails. Now, there has already been one BBC radio 4 documentary about what happened before.

So please email them at; info@gnnsj.com

and politely voice your concerns...

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very good idea challenge everything.

I think this issue is based on mis-understandings..niskham seva jatha thinks it's actual seva of guru maharaj to replace sikh hertiage with modern day marbles and stuff but others think otherwise.

Please convey your message to him very in very gursikhi manner...try to get hold of him alone because i know for a fact sometimes- chelas gets all offended of other party minor disagreement or argument.

This can only solved by clearing misunderstandings.

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I've met Bhai Sahib Bhai Mohinder Singh ji previously and have a high regard for him. In the interview on BBC radio he himself was interviewed.

With regard the 'simply misunderstandings' argument, the documentary stated that GNNSJ were told about the potential irreparable damage before, during and after their kaar seva efforts. At the least it was a seriously misguided decision or even worse arrogant negligence. Either way the assumption seems to be that old heritage is not worth restoring, and should be replaced with glitzy modern materials and design using western methods (particularly ironic when looked at from a post-colonial perspective!)

Anyway, I shall await the response and then if needs be try to speak to him. What I was hoping here was an almost petition like response. Being inundated with emails from different people about this issue will not doubt give them an insight into how we feel as a group, rather than a few people expressing concern. ps - please don't call me a scholar.

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