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Handwriting of Guru Sahiban


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I have received a request to post some examples of the Gurus' handwriting - here are some examples ;

This first example is the Pothi Sahib of Guru Nanak Sahib.This is in the possession of The Sodhis - and kept at Pothimala at Guru Harsahai - (A stunning building with remarkable Murals and frescos- some 400 years old - well worth a visit - but be prepared - it can be a heart breaking experience to see such priceless heritage crumbling away!! ) The Sodhis are the descendents of Pirthi Chand son of Guru Ram Das Ji.

It is not clear if this is a picture of the original 'Pothi' - which is believed to have been stolen in the 1970s or of the 'other' pothi the Sodhis claim they have. - The picture also shows the mala of Guru Nanak Sahib - the Sodhis also have in their possession the 'Seli Topi' of Guru Nanak.


These next pictures are examples of the signatures of the Guru Sahibs - or Nisan - usually found at the head of hukumnamas and the start of Gutkas and Saroops of the Aad Granth and Guru Granth Sahib.

The nisan of Guru Ram Das Ji


A Darshan of the Kartarpuri Bir - on the left can be seen The Nisan of Guru Arjan Dev Ji .


* taken from Gurdwaras in India and Pakistan - Mohinder Singh, Sondeep Shankar -UBSPD & NIPS - 2004

The nisan of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib from the opening page of the Aad Granth Sahib dated 1666 in the Patiala Archives


* taken from The Sikh Heritage - Dr Daljeet - 2004

The Nisaan of Guru Gobind Singh in an illuminated Adi Granth Sahib folio - kept at Takht Sri Harimander Sahib, Patna


* taken from 'Illustration and Illumination in Sikh Scriptural Manuscripts - Jeevan Singh Deol - Marg Vol 54 4 June 2003.

'Ek onkar satgur prasad' written by Guru Gobind Singh in a Gutka belonging to the Bagrian Family


* taken from The Sikhs - images of a Heritage - 2000

The nisan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - This is quite difficult to read - can anyone read it and post up what it says - Many Thanks


Another example of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's nisan


I will post more examples in a special 'Hukumnama' post - as soon as I scan them - in the meantime enjoy the Darshan of Guru Sahib's Handwriting .

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !! Sat Siri Akaal !! GurBar Akaal !!

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