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Hukumnamas- from Guru Sahiban,Mata Ji & Banda Bahadur


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I have received a request to post examples of the Guru Sahiban's handwriting - here are some examples in the form of Hukumnamas.

This is an exceptionally beautiful 'Hukum Khas Furman' - a special injunction - issued by Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib to celebrate the birth of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It is addressed to the Sangat of Patna requesting they provide 'assistance and help' to the Guru's Family on the birth of Gobind Rai. It contains the signature of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib.


* taken from Gurdwaras in India and Pakistan - Mohinder Singh, Sondeep Shankar -NIPS - 2004

This is the Hukumnama sent by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Bhai Rama and Bhai Tilokha - the sons of Phul - The modern day House of Patiala- requesting their assistance in the battles with the Hill Rajas - It contains the Nisan of Guru Sahib - for translation see ;



* taken from Anandpur , The City of Bliss - Mohinder Singh, Sondeep Shankar - NIPS- 2002

These next pictures are all from the collection of Bhai Suchet Singh, Village Bhai Rupa , Moga, Punjab. They are all addressed to Bhai Rupa and his descendants. Bhai Rupa was a devoted Sikh of Guru Hargobind Sahib.

This leaf contains the 35 letters of the Gurmukhi script and the vowel sounds (moharni) written by the hand of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.


This picture is of a 'Rukka' a written message from Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Bhai Rupa (on the right) it contains The Guru's Nisan

and a Hukumnama to Bhai Mihir Chand of Bhai Rupa Village (left hand side). Guru Gobind Singh has asked for Bhai Mihir Chand to join him as he and his benefaction has always been his deep concern - " Teri har tarah di muhafzat mere sir hai, tu mere sir nal hai"


This picture is a Hukumnama sent by Mata Sundari Ji - The wife of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - it is dated 13 September 1728 AD - it bears Mata Ji's signature and is addressed to Kabila Bhai Rame of Bhai Rupa Village.

Mata Ji managed the affairs of the Panth for several years after Guru Gobind Singh Ji left his human body .


This picture is of a Hukumnama sent by Banda Bahadur to Bhai Dharam Singh and Param Singh of Village Bhai Rupa.

It contains the Mohar or seal - conceived by Banda Bahadur widely used in later Sikh Coinage. " Degh Teg Fateh Nusrat-i-bedrang, Yaft az Nanak Guru Gobind Singh " - The kettle to feed, the sword to defend , and the resultant victory have been achieved with the spontaneous help received from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh '. ( translation from Sikh Coinage -Surinder Singh - Manohar - 2004)

This Hukumnama also makes mention of the 'Panj Hathiaar' - the Five Weapons .


* above pictures taken from The Sikh Heritage , A Search for Totality - Dr Daljeet - Prakash Books - 2004

I Hope you enjoy these posts - My only request is that you make an effort to buy and read some of the books ( I always try to give a reference if I have one - for that reason) - and support our Authors , Scholars , researchers and sewadars in their much needed efforts and painstaking research.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

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